Leonard R Bachman Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Leonard R Bachman

University of Houston

Environmental Systems, Research Methods, Systems Integration, Digital and analog modeling, Postindustrial context of architecture, Hybrid and online instruction... My citations on Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=HfyfoxkAAAAJ&hl=en

Subjects: Built Environment


Just another Texas boy. I've been at UH since I came here as a student in '73. Participating in SBSE and ARCC has been a very important lifeline for me.


    M. Arch, Univ. of Houston '81

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My agenda is two-fold and interlinked: First, to bridge between the strategic and physical aspects of design by demonstrating the whole-minded congruence of intelligent foresight with sublime immediacy in successful works of architecture. And secondly, to frame the discipline of architecture in a new postindustrial and aesthetic context (as design, research, forensics/planning, and educational domains). That context entails cybernetic operations (i.e., information society), systems thinking (i.e. organic feedback loops), and dynamic complexity (i.e., complementary differences). My theoretical touchstones include the work of P. Geddes, K. Popper, H. G. Gadamer, R. Scruton, and D. Bell, as well as the general literature of systems theory

Personal Interests

    Guitar, food and wine, travel, writing, my work


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New professionalism: the postindustrial context

Published: Mar 12, 2015 by BRI
Authors: Bachman

Commentary on the special issue of New Professionalism