Adele  Langlois Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Adele Langlois

Senior Lecturer in International Relations
University of Lincoln

Adèle’s research is on the global governance of bioethics and human genetics, particularly at UNESCO. She investigates its international declarations on bioethics and genetics and the role developing countries have played in their negotiation and implementation. To this end she has conducted research in Kenya, South Africa and France. More recently, Adèle has been following UNESCO’s debate on whether we need an international convention to ban human reproductive cloning.


Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, Adèle studied biological anthropology (BA Hons) at Cambridge University, followed by politics and international relations (MA) at Brock University in Canada. In 2008 she completed her PhD (funded by the Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Programme) at The Open University’s Development Policy and Practice group, where she was a member of Innogen, the ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics. She held a Biomedical Ethics Fellowship at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology as part of her doctoral studies, during which she wrote a policy briefing for MPs and Peers on research ethics in developing countries. After a year back at Cambridge as a Research Associate, Adèle joined the University of Lincoln in September 2009.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Bioethics, genetics, genomics, public health, global governance


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