Hasse  Ekstedt Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Hasse Ekstedt

Senior Researcher
University of Gothenburg

Studies in Economics, Mathematics and Philosophy. Lecturer Economics since 1976. Political work; international, national regional and local levels. Experience in business; mainly shipping, CEO shipping line and consultant on implementing high technology. Author on four books on the interrelation between the financial and real spheres of the economy. From 2011 work as Senior Researcher.


Small CV and Published material.

Born 1946. Married since 1970, two children
BA Mathematics and Economics 1974
Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Macroeconomics.
Lecturer at University of Gothenburg since 1979, Dept. of Economics at School of Economics until 1988, School of Public Administration until retired 2011, now active as a senior lecturer. Most of the time I have had part time work or been on leave, particularly during the 1990s.  

During 1982 – 1991 elected member of the Local Government in the City of Uddevalla.

Working as consultant since 1989. Consultant tasks concern a wide range of areas such as education, financing free schools (National Board of Education), local government finance (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), state accounting systems (Parliamentary Auditors), high technology (Russia and Tunisia) and the interface between sea and land transports, (Group of North Sea and Mediterranean Harbours), EU-projects on “on the job training” and education and investment aiming towards organizing national statistics in Kirgizia.
Courses for political organisations, industry organisations and trade unions on different matters.

Conference organizing: Economic Modelling, 1992, and Swedish Entrance to European Union, 1992, Conversion of Military High Technology in Russia, 1993. The latter a part of a consultant project on transforming military high technology into civilian use with MINATOM Russia and some British banks under the auspices of the Swedish government, between 1993 and 1995.

During 1995-99 CEO for Scandinavia France Line, a Shipping Line between Sweden and France.

Published Books and Book-chapters

1988 Interaction between economic growth and financial flows: A presentation of a model
analysing the impact of short term financial disturbances on economic growth. (Co-author Lars Westberg).
In "Economic Modelling in the OECD Countries" ed. H.Motamen, Chapman&Hall.

1991 Dynamic Models for the Interrelations of Real and Financial Growth.
Chapman&Hall, London. (Co-author Lars Westberg)

1992 Financial Development and Economic Stability. In  Economic Policy Co-ordination in Europe.
Published by Bank of Finland Institute for Economic Research (ed. Christian Starck and H.M. Scobie)
Co-author: Lars Westberg

2010 Economic Theory and Social Change – Problems and Revisions.
Routledge, London and NY. Co-author: Angelo Fusari

2012 Money in Economic Theory. Routledge, London and New York

Articles and project-reports publicly available

Barter Economy, Rational Expectations and Keynes: Concepts and Contradictions
11th International Conference on Developments in Economic Theory and Policy. Bilbao, June 26-27, 2014

The Mysterious Money - Some Epistemological Notes
10th International Conference on Developments In Economic Theory and Policy, Bilbao, June 27-28, 2013,

Money, Uncertainty and Institutions - on the Interrelations between Economic and Social Stability
EAEPE 2010, European Assocation for Evolutionary and Political Economy, "The economic crisis and the renewal of the European model(s) - Revisiting the debate on varieties of capitalism", Bordeaux 28-30 October 2010

Growth, Productivity and Democracy in an Ageing Society. The Swedish Case
Co-author: Torbjörn Larsson, Univ. of Sthlm.
EAEPE Conference in Rome, November 2008

From Invisible Hand to Perpetuum Mobile - The Problem of Economic Growth
EAEPE Conference in Porto, November 2007

Homo (Economicus versus Homo Politicus - A Note on Rationality
EAEPE Conference in Istanbul, November 2006
Market and Politics - A Note on Rationality
Inside Track, Web-journal, Sanders Research Associates, London, March 17, 2006,

Was Marx a Marxian?
Hasse Ekstedt
Quarterly Commentary, London June 2002

Currency Systems
Co-author: Lars Westberg
Quarterly Commentary, London, May 1998,

Crises or Stability: Discussion of a method to develop early warning systems
Co-author: Lars Westberg
Quarterly Commentary, May 1998

Russia: Long on Ideas, Short on Institutions
Quarterly Commentary, December 1998, 1998

Ränta är priset för att vänta. En analys av den kommunala kalkylräntan
co-author: Stellan Malmer,
Gothenburg University, Report

Policy Formation on the Path to European Monetary Union: Constraints - Choices - Instruments
Co-author: Lars Westberg
Conference on The Road to European Monetary Union, at the European Commission, Luxemburg, 21-23 March, 1995

Financial Indices: A Mirror of Reality or...?
Co-author: Chris Sanders
7th International Symposium on Economic Modelling, 19-21 July, University of Bologna, 1995

Static and Dynamic Disequilibrium:
Co-author: Lars Westberg
Conference on Money Foreign Exchange and Capital Markets, The Central Bank of Malta, La Valetta, Malta 2-4 November 1994

Time in Growth Theory: A Comparison of Neo-classical and Neo-keynesian Growth Theories
Co-author: Lars Westberg
Forth International Symposium on Economic Modelling, London, June 1991

Planering av resursinsatser mot missbruk av alkohol och narkotika
Report to Swedish Crime Prevention Board

Do variations in employment influence the consumption of alcoholic beverages
International Symposium on Health Economics, Lisbon, 1984

Do prices affect drinking habits?
Workshop on advanced consumer theory, Brussels 1982, 1982


    MSc 1974, University of Gothenburg

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Consumption Theory, Investment analyis, Macroeconomics

Personal Interests

    Music, Roses and Wine


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 Featured Title - Economic Theory and Social Change: Ekstedt & Fusari — RPD - 1st Edition book cover