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John Shannon Hendrix

University of Lincoln

John Shannon Hendrix is a research professor in architectural history at the University of Lincoln in the UK. He lives in Rhode Island, US, where he teaches classes at Roger Williams University, in art and architectural history, architectural theory, and aesthetics. He has written ten books, edited five, and published twenty-eight articles on the subjects of architectural history and theory, aesthetics, philosophy and psychoanalysis.


John Shannon Hendrix is a Research Professor of Architectural History at the University of Lincoln in the UK and an adjunct professor of art and architectural history at Roger Williams University in the US. He lives in Rhode Island. He earned a PhD in architecture at Cornell University and a masters degree in architecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He has published fifteen books as author and editor, and twenty-eight articles, on the subjects of architecture, art, aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and cultural and intellectual history.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Roman Baroque architecture, Renaissance art and architecture, English Gothic architecture, Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy, Plotinus, medieval philosophy, Robert Grosseteste, German Idealist philosophy, Hegel, Schelling, psychoanalysis, Jacques Lacan, modern architecture, Peter Eisenman

Personal Interests

    travel, photography



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