Stanley  Thangaraj Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stanley Thangaraj

My interests are in immigrant and refugee communities in the U.S., race, gender, sexuality, class, and citizenship.


I have a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  I am a former athlete and coach whose interests are looking at social justice concerns within and outside of sport and in immigrant/refugee communities.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Anthropology of the U.S., Asian American Studies, Critical Theories of Race, Queer Theory, Women of Color Feminist Theory, Middle East Studies, Arab America, Critical Sport Studies, Diaspora, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Kurdish America, and South Asian America.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Handbook of Race, Class and Gender - 1st Edition book cover


South Asian Popular Culture

Competing Masculinities

Published: Oct 13, 2013 by South Asian Popular Culture
Authors: Stanley Thangaraj

A critical exploration of South Asian American identity formation that incorporates and challenges Asian American racial identity through sporting practices in Asian American basketball leagues.

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Playing Through Difference

Published: Sep 13, 2012 by Ethnic and Racial Studies
Authors: Stanley Thangaraj
Subjects: Sociology

A look at South Asian American basketball communities as a way to decipher how race is invoked and managed through English and South Asian idioms.

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Ballin' Indo-Pak Style

Published: Mar 13, 2010 by International Review for the Sociology of Sport
Authors: Stanley Thangaraj

This chapter looks at South Asian American sporting cultures, the politics of inclusion and exclusion.