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Roberto Setola

Director Master Homeland Security - Director Complex System & Security Lab

Roberto Setola has large experience in Modelling & Simulation of complex system. From 2001 he was involved in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) with government and research positions. Among others he was the technical resposble of the WG established at Prime Minister Office on CIIP, the leader of 3 EU projects. He is co-authors of 6 books and more than 120 scientific papers


Roberto Setola is the head of “Complex Systems & Security Lab” of the University CAMPUS BioMedico and the director of the Master in Homeland Security.
He has been the coordinator of the EU DG JLS project SecuFood on the security of the food supply chain (2008), of the EU DG HOME proiect FACIES on the on line identification of failure and/or attack against critical infrastructure (2012-13) and of the EU DG HOME project SLO on the figure of the security liaison officer foreseen in the EU directive on Critical Infrastructure. Moreover he was involved in several national and international projects related to critical infrastructure protection and homeland security.
He was the coordinator of the working-group on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection established by  the Italian Prime Minister (2003-2004), and member of the G8 Senior Expert CIIP Group (2002 - 2006), and of the G8 working-group on High-Tech Crime (2002-2004).
Since 1992 he carried out, in collaboration with several universities and research centres, researches on many topics related to modelling, simulation and control of complex networks and systems and about the protection of critical infrastructures.
He is co-authors of 3 books, editors of 3 books, guest editor of 3 special issue on international journals, editor in chief of 2 magazine and co-authors of about 130 scientific publications.
He obtained the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II (1992) and the PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (1996).
He is a founder member (2006) and General Secretary, of the “AIIC – Associazione Italiana esperti in Infrastrutture Critiche” and Senior  Member IEEE.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Critical Infrastructure
    Homeland Security
    Safety & Security
    Modelling & Simulation
    Automatic Control



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