Rodanthi  Tzanelli Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Rodanthi Tzanelli

Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology
University of Leeds

I am an academic with an interest in global mobilities and globalisation processes. I work at the cutting-edge end of interdisciplinary analysis, with an emphasis on socio-cultural transformations, and how these are reflected in popular cultural domains.


I am an interdisciplinary academic with an interest in cultural globalisation and the communication between ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ mobilities. I work at the University of Leeds, UK in sociology but favour interdisciplinary analysis. My work is mostly theoretical and global in scope - although I always prioritise particular mobilities of culture in our global ecumene. I consider myself cosmopolitan in ideology and with a commitment to borderless citizenship. I am currently maintaining two websites and two blogs through which I share my research and observations.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My specialisms include intersections of media and tourism (‘cinematic tourism’) and the ways these trigger socio-cultural change (or not), as well as the ways the local survives in global cultural spaces (or not); the governmentality of art; the marketization of memory in new knowledge economies; and the role of mythology in cultural politics. Moving from questions of nation-building and migration to audio-visual forms of travel and digital tourist environments allowed for more synthetic explorations of collective imaginaries – both synchronically and diachronically.  An extensive list of my research interests is provided on and ResearchGate and a full list of publications can be found on the White Rose database and my Mediasite.




Celebrating Sociology and Social Policy

By: Rodanthi Tzanelli
Subjects: Sociology & Social Policy, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

To mark the recent completion of an extensive refurbishment of the Social Sciences Building we have organised a programme of events in celebration of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds. These events celebrate our legacies in longitudinal qualitative and realist methods and look to the future of sociology as a discipline with impact on social and political life.  They encompass a variety of special events with our alumni and current students, showcasing our work to widen participation and meet the research needs of community organisations.

Our programme offers a range of workshops, networking meetings and conferences to build connections and discussion with our social science colleagues, partners in third and public sector organisations, A-level teachers and alumni.  Together these events demonstrate our commitments to critical and engaging sociological thought and action; to interrogating, developing and evaluating social and public policy; and to working in partnership with a wide range of students and stakeholders to tackle profound social challenges of inequality and injustice.

We very much hope that you can join us at one or more of these events and contribute to these celebrations and plans for the future. If you have any queries about any of the events in this programme please contact Emily Boldison [email protected]


Greece: Sporades

Published: Apr 28, 2015

‘National character’, all these material survivals and embodied mannerisms demarcating the uniqueness of national communities, is often discussed as part of their heritage. See the view from Northern Sporades.