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John Blain

Mechanical Engineer (Retired)

From the beginning, which was a long time ago, I was interested in drawing and artwork. At school I tried a few pursuits and received awards for painting and excelled at technical drawing. It followed that I would become a draughtsman and enter the field of engineering and later, much later, when time was available I became a wood sculpture and modeller. Then I discovered the computer and graphics and Blender and through learning this program and writing study notes a book evolved. I continue t


John Melvyn Blain was born in the town of Swindon in the county of  Wiltshire in England in 1942. The austerity of the second world war contributed to a childhood illness which severely affected educational achievements and this became a contributing factor in a decision to emigrate to Canada in 1952. With a different system and a new start John achieved high school graduation in British Columbia. After finishing school a return to England to undertake a Technical Apprenticeship with the Westinghouse Brake and Signal company set the course in an engineering career. With family in Canada it followed that a return home was inevitable. This decision and the events that followed led to a complete change in direction. There was a short period working for the Canadian government in Vancouver before a long haul flight to Sydney, Australia and a seven year period of employment with a company called International Combustion. In this period John married and with his wife Helen had two children, Peter and Catherine.
Attracted by the beauty of the mid north coast of  New South Wales, John with his new family moved to Coffs Harbour. Employment was undertaken with companies engaged in the manufacture and supply of saw-milling plant and machinery. Initially John worked as a design draughtsman then progressed into selling as a sales engineer. There were several working trips to Canada and the US to obtain designs for adaptation to Australian conditions and extensive travel thought Australia selling and installing plant and machinery. In retirement John has tried his hand at short story writing, wood sculpture, model ship building winning awards in art competitions. With the discovery of the computer and graphics and the program 'Blender' John has written and published a book. The Complete guide to Blender Graphics - Computer Modeling and Animation.


    Mechanical Engineering Certificate - Australia

Personal Interests

    Shrt story writing, wood sculpture, model ship building, Blender computer graphics.



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 Featured Title - The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics - 1st Edition book cover