Victoria Marie  Basham Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Victoria Marie Basham

Senior Lecturer in International Relations
Cardiff University

My work is located in the field of Critical Military Studies. I employ qualitative methods and engage in feminist praxis to examine the character, operation and effects of military power in its various forms. I am also the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder (with Aaron Belkin & Alison Howell) of Critical Military Studies journal ( and the author of War, Identity and the Liberal State: Everyday Experiences of the Geopolitical in the Armed Forces (Routledge, 2013).

Subjects: Sociology


Victoria M Basham’s research interests lie in the field of Critical Military Studies at the intersections of feminist international relations, critical geopolitics and international political sociology. Her work seeks to explore how war, and war preparedness, shape people’s daily lives and how daily life can, in turn, influence and facilitate war and other geopolitical outcomes. She is particularly interested in how gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and social class shape the prioritisation, use and perpetration of military force, especially in liberal democratic societies. In 2015, she became the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Critical Military Studies (Taylor & Francis) which she co-founded.
Prior to joining Cardiff (in January 2016), Victoria worked at the University of Exeter (from September 2009) and before that, spent several years at the University of Bristol obtaining her undergraduate degree in Social Policy and Politics (2002), completing her PhD on gender, race and sexuality in the British Armed Forces (2007), and carrying out an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2007-2008), during which she was also a Visiting Fellow at the York Centre for International and Security Studies, Toronto, Canada.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    International Relations; International Political Sociology; Feminist and Gender Studies; Critical Military Studies; Feminist Security Studies


Featured Title
 Featured Title - War, Identity and the Liberal State (Basham) - 1st Edition book cover


Gender, Place and Culture

Gender, race, militarism and remembrance: the everyday geopolitics of the poppy

Published: Oct 20, 2015 by Gender, Place and Culture
Authors: Victoria M Basham

This article offers a feminist analysis of how British military violence and war are, in part, made possible through everyday embodied and emotional practices of remembrance and forgetting.

Critical Studies on Security

Telling Geopolitical Tales

Published: Mar 27, 2015 by Critical Studies on Security
Authors: Victoria M Basham
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

By examining the case of the ongoing ‘war’ over the Falklands-Malvinas and a particular set of stories where the ‘childish’ has come to characterize relations and differences between Britain and Argentina, this article explores how the temporality of ‘the anniversary’ can enable certain claims, about the rationality of war, as a means of safeguarding sovereignty, identity, and security, to become commonsensical.

Critical Military Studies

What is Critical Military Studies?

Published: Feb 17, 2015 by Critical Military Studies
Authors: Victoria M. Basham, Aaron Belkin, Jess Gifkins
Subjects: Geography , Sociology, Military & Security Studies, Anthropology - Soc Sci

In the summer of 2011, this journal’s founding editors came together at an interdisciplinary conference on “Military methodologies”, at Newcastle University. The conversation that ensued was an attempt to articulate a niggling sense of what it was that distinguished the rich body of work that we were engaging with and engaged in from most of the rest of military and security studies.

British Journal of Politics and International Relations

Gender, Race and Border Security Practices

Published: Jun 13, 2012 by British Journal of Politics and International Relations
Authors: Victoria M Basham & Nick Vaughan-Williams

This article develops an interlocking account of the gendered and racialised logics that condition the possibility for contemporary border security practices. We illustrate our approach via an analysis of two visions of contemporary British society and border politics: one offered by Prime Minister David Cameron in his ‘Muscular liberalism’ speech delivered in February 2011; the other contained in Chris Morris' jihadist comedy ‘Four Lions’

Commonwealth and Comparative Politics

Harnessing Social Diversity in the British Armed Forces: The Limitations of ‘Man

Published: Nov 24, 2009 by Commonwealth and Comparative Politics
Authors: Victoria Marie Basham
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

This article explores how the British Ministry of Defence's aim to accommodate and harness a demographically diverse workforce is undermined by the ways it seeks to manage this change.

Nordic  Journal for Masculinity Studies

‘Everyday Gendered Experiences and the Discursive Construction of Civilian and M

Published: Dec 01, 2008 by Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies
Authors: Victoria M Basham
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

This paper examines how hegemonic military masculinities are reinforced by the division of military and civilian. It explores how gendered and sexual assumptions about ‘the soldier’ in the military, and wider society, continue to shape the war system and limit the participation of ‘less-traditional’ recruits in the modern armed forces.

Armed Forces and Society

Effecting Discrimination Operational Effectiveness and Harassment in the British

Published: Sep 17, 2008 by Armed Forces and Society
Authors: Victoria M Basham
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

By undertaking an “effective” reading of policies aimed at managing sexual orientation and gender diversity, and by drawing on qualitative research with members of the British forces, this article demonstrates how the military's own implementation strategies facilitate discrimination against some recruits.