Since 19 years I work with subjects who experience psychiatric symptoms. The desolation associated with severe mental illness struck me often. It was hopeful to notice that treating help-seeking subjects in an early phase with psychotherapy instead of medication, led to a good recovery in many patients. Since 2001, I have been involved in studies that investigate the prediction of severe mental illness in subjects with emerging symptoms and new treatment methods to reduce the chance of progression to severe mental illness. Furthermore, I do research that transcends the traditional diagnostic boundaries in psychiatry as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). My second book entitled 'Prevention in Mental Health Care: Time for a new approach' was published in July 2016 by Routledge. This book addresses fundamental questions in psychiatric research and practice by combining philosophy, neuroscience and clinical experience. The stories of the patients I work with form the basis of this book.
MSc, University of Amsterdam, Dept. of Psychology, 1994
PhD, Academic Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry, 2001
Postdoctoral clinical training, Dept. of Psychiatry, 2010
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Early intervention in psychiatry
Cognitive behavioural therapy

Personal Interests
Travelling, philosophy, literature