Pranesh  Chatterjee Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Pranesh Chatterjee

Knowledge Group Leader
Tata Steel (Europe)

During my PhD research work I came to know about wavelets for the first time. In later months I discovered its amazing power as a signal processing tool. However, I struggled to understand the concept as no book in the market was good enough to give me a lucid explanation about the wavelets. A few years ago, I started thinking of writing a book on wavelets myself to bridge the gap between the knowledge and the researchers and now it is available in the market.


I have worked for several years in academia and industry in different corners around the world. During academic research, my focus was mainly on structural dynamics and vibration analysis. Later, in industry, I worked on different cross-functional areas including analysis and design of structures, finite element analysis, signal processing, vibration analysis (structure, soil, mechanical, machine foundation, heavy industry, seismic, fluid dynamics), constitutive modeling, stress analysis and numerical modeling. I have used wavelets in different application areas during academic research and industrial activities as well. Moreover, I have vast experience in multiple project management, product management and people management areas. Currently, I am managing a group of 16 people in the areas of plasticity, damage and fracture and tribology (in Tata Steel Europe located at Ijmuiden, Netherlands) covering mostly industrial research and development activities.


    PhD, Jadavpur University, 2001

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professional expertise in vibration analysis, FEM, stress analysis, damage and fracture, friction modeling, lubrication analysis, plasticity modeling, HSE analysis and management, quality analysis and risk assessment and people management.

Personal Interests

    Drama, Writing, Football and playing keyboard.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Wavelet Analysis in Civil Engineering - 1st Edition book cover


Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics

Nonstationary seismic response of a tank on a bilinear

Published: Aug 07, 2005 by Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
Authors: Pranesh Chatterjee, Biswajit Basu

A wavelet based nonlinear random vibration theory has been proposed to obtain responses of liquid storage tanks in form of instantaneous RMS displacements of impulsive modes of the system supported on bilinear hysteretic soil medium. The superstructure has been modeled by a combination of mass-spring-damper system. In order to evaluate the instantaneous root mean square values of the displacement responses of the tanks, zeroth moments of instantaneous PSDF have been evaluated.


Non-stationary seismic response of tanks with soil interaction

Authors: Pranesh Chatterjee, Biswajit Basu

A wavelet-based random vibration theory has been developed for the non-stationary seismic response of liquid storage tanks including soil interaction. The ground motion process has been characterized via estimates of statistical functionals of wavelet coefficients obtained from a single time history of ground accelerations. The tank–liquid–soil system has been modeled as a two-degree-of-freedom (2- DOF) system.