Mel I.  Mendelson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mel I. Mendelson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Loyola Marymount University

I am an avid learner and believe in merging the disciplines to create a multidisciplinary understanding between engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and ethics. Curious about nature and interpreting how things work from the macro- to nano-scale. My diverse background, interests and experience enabled me to write the book: Learning Bio-Micro-Nanotechnology.


I was born in San Fransico, 1941; raised in the Bay Area (San Mateo).  Captain of high school swim team; set league records in butterfly and individual medley, 1958-59. Graduated UC Berkeley, 1964 and worked as research assistant at Lawrence Berkeley Labs (high temperature deformation of MgO single crystals).  Attended Northwestern University graduate school in materials science; performed M.S. thesis on grain growth in NaCl, 1966; Ph.D. thesis on fracture mechanics of composite materials, 1973. Fellow of American Ceramic Society and Institute for the Advancement of Engineering.  See details on professional expertise in private industry. Ran three marathons (Boston and NY included), 1980-81. Obtained advanced training in design of experiments, 1974 and 1992, and molecular biology, 2005.


    BS, UC Berkeley, 1964; MS, Northwestern Univ., 1966; PhD Northwestern, 1973

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Correlating micro/nano-structure of materials with their physical properties. Characterizing and analyzing materials using electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy.  Consulted in failure analysis and statistically designed experiments.  Have published over 80 papers in materials science, nanotechnology and engineering education.  Obtained one patent on Si3N4 turbine blades.  My current research involves using design of experiments (DOE) to solve problems in engineering.

Personal Interests

    Cal football (Go Bears).  San Francisco 49ers.  Skiing.  Health and physical fitness (yoga, aerobics).  Enjoy most sports.


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