Toni Aleksi Alaranta Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Toni Aleksi Alaranta

PhD., Senior Research Fellow
The Finnish Institute of International Affairs

I'm an historian and political scientist, focusing on Turkish history and politics. My hobbies are painting and running. I'm married and have one child.


Date of Birth: 10.3.1977
Place of Birth: Turku, Finland
Mobile: +358 49 0278101
E-mail: [email protected]  

Current Position

Senior Research Fellow, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

Academic Fellowships

Post-doc research fellow at the University of Tallinn, Estonian Institute of Humanities (1.8.2013–31.3.2014).

Post-doc research fellow at the Black Sea and Central Asia Research Center (KORA), Middle East Technical University, Ankara (1.8.2012–31.7.2013).


Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, 17.1.2012
Major: Political History

Licentiate of Philosophy, University of Turku, 12.8.2008
Major: General History

Master of Arts, University of Turku, 09.6.2005
Major: General History

Academic Appointments

Doctoral Student at the Meudos Doctoral School/Network for European Studies, University of Helsinki


Kone Foundation, post-doc grant, 1.8.2012.–31.7.2013.
Kone Foundation, post-doc grant, 1.8.2013.–31.7.2014.

Language Skills

Finnish: Native
English: Fluent
Swedish: Fluent
Turkish: Fluent text comprehension skills

Academic Teaching and Lectures  

The 90 Years of the Republic of Turkey, Lecture series, Tallinn University, spring semester 2014.

Intensive course "The 90 Years of the Republic of Turkey", co-organizer and lecturer, The Finnish Institute in the Middle East (FIME), Istanbul, 2.11.–10.11.2013  

Master's Degree Programme in European Studies (MES)/ European Studies workshop – essay workshop tutoring, University of Helsinki, autumn semester 2011

Master's Degree Programme in European Studies (MES)/ European Studies workshop – essay workshop tutoring, University of Helsinki, autumn semester 2010

Lecture in series University of Helsinki Studies Europe: “The Europeanization of Turkey as a Political Project” (Together with Pia Alilonttinen), University of Helsinki, 21.10.2010

Lectures on the “Core Issues in the History of Modern Turkey”, University of Turku, autumn semester 2008


    Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, 17.1.2012
    Licentiate of Philosophy, University of Turku, 12.8.2008

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Scientific monographs

    2015 (forthcoming in June) National and State Identity in Turkey: The Transformation of the Republic's Status in the International System (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield).

    2014 Contemporary Kemalism: from universal secular-humanism to extreme Turkish nationalism (London: Routledge).

    2011 Kemalism, enlightenment, and legitimacy: the reproduction of secularist national identity in Turkey, 1930–1980 (Saarbrücken: Lampert Academic Publishing).,-enlightenment,-and-legitimacy?search=Kemalism

    Peer review articles

    2014 Political Parties and the Production of an Islam-Secularist Cleavage in Turkey, Approaching Religion 4 (2): 113–124.  

    2013 The Presuppositions of Contemporary Kemalism, Turkish Journal of Politics 4 (1): 51–65.

    2011 Kemalism, Nationalism, Liberalism – Re-Considering the Problematic Trinity, Journal of East European and Asian Studies 2 (1): 29–47.  

    2008 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Six-Day Speech of 1927: Defining the Official Historical View of the Foundation of the Turkish Republic, Turkish Studies 9 (1) 2008: 115–129.  

    2007 Mustafa Kemal Atatürkin vuoden 1927 kuuden päivän puhe Turkin tasavallan virallisen historiankäsityksen määrittäjänä, Historiallinen aikakauskirja 3: 317–329.

    Policy papers

    2015 The AKP and Turkey's Long Tradition of Islamo-Fascism, Turkey Analyst (8) 3.’s-long-tradition-of-islamo-fascism.html

    2015 Turkey under the AKP: A critical evaluation from the perspective of Turkey's EU negotiations, FIIA Working Paper 84.  

    2014 "New Turkey,” has to face the regional realities: Turkey's Islamic identity has resulted in a bold foreign policy, FIIA Comment.

    2014 The AKP's Shallow "Liberalism” Exposed, Turkey Analyst 7 (11).  

    2014 The End of the EU Project in Turkey? Determinants of Turkey's EU-Bid under the AKP Regime, FIIA Briefing Paper 156.

    2012 Contemporary Kemalist Intellectuals: Europeanizers Against Europe?, Turkey Analyst 5 (22).  


    The Enlightenment Idea of History as a Legitimation Tool of Kemalism in Turkey, Doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki, 2011.

    The Great Speech of the Father: Kemal Atatürk's Six-Day Speech Defining the Turkish Revolution, Phil. Lic., Dissertation, University of Turku, 2008.

    Constructing Turkishness: Kemal Atatürk and Ziya Gökalp Defining the Turkish National Identity, 1908–1938, MA dissertation, University of Turku, 2005.

Personal Interests

    Philosophy, painting, soccer, pop music


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