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Justin Crump

Sibylline Ltd

I'm a UK and US based security and risk management professional, focused on the area of threat identification - what is happening on "the other side of the hill", as the Duke of Wellington coined it! I have a strong interest in current affairs and as I run an analytical team focused on geopolitics, cyber, crime, terrorism, and reputational risk I get to keep myself quite up to date...


Justin is a defence, intelligence and security expert with 20 years' service with the British military. He continues to serve in the UK Reserves . He is CEO of Sibylline Ltd, the intelligence consultancy he founded in 2010, and also serves as Head of Intelligence for The ANVIL Group. Prior to this he was Director of Threat Intelligence at Stirling Assynt (now Falanx), and an embedded Analyst with Unicredit, the Italian banking giant. He started his career as a front office investment banker with JP Morgan, but was called up for service in the Balkans. He has operational service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and visited numerous other theatres in his previous role as ADC to the Duke of Westminster. He continues to work and lecture globally, acting as a trusted advisor to governments, the private sector, and NGOs.


    BA Hons, Durham, UK 1999
    MA, King's College London, UK 2011

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    - Corporate security and risk management
    - Political affairs
    - Global jihadism and the Caliphate
    - International relations
    - Intelligence theory and practice
    - Open Source intelligence
    - Signals/data intelligence and insights
    - Strategic and operational leadership
    - Defence and international security affairs

Personal Interests

    Military history, dogs, sailing (including offshore racing), flying, travel, writing and painting.




Professional Security reviews "Corporate Security Intelligence"!

By: Justin Crump
Subjects: Business & Management, Homeland Security

I'm very pleased to see that Corproate Security Intelligence has been reviewed by the good people at Professional Security magazine, a leading UK publication. You can read it in full here:


I am very grateful for their kind words, especially for their summary: "The able security manager with ambitions to become a chief security officer ought to read - and more to the point, act on - this book...A pithy, readily-understandable and altogether impressive work". And absolutely no bribery was involved!

Seriously, I am very pleased that they liked it - and are helping to spread the good word about the use of intelligence to drive more effective security and resilience in organisations of all sizes, and in all places. Thank you!