Karen E. Stine Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Karen E. Stine

Professor of Biology
Auburn University at Montgomery

Dr. Karen Stine is a Professor of Biology at Auburn Montgomery. Her area of specialization is Toxicology, and she is interested in a wide variety of research topics ranging from the ways in which cells survive physical and chemical stresses to the mechanism of firing of the stinging cells in jellyfish tentacles. She has taught courses in toxicology, pharmacology, cell biology, physiology, and environmental science.


Karen Stine decided in grade school that she wanted to be a physicist , and then held that thought through college, where she received a B.S. degree with a double major in Physics and Biology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.  An interest in biological processes led her to pursue an M.S. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, where she was distracted from her thesis work on barrier island ecology by her discovery of the existence of toxicology.   She followed that interest through to a Ph.D. in Toxicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with dissertation work in the areas of developmental neurotoxicology and energy metabolism.  Thinking that she might like to teach, she then took a position as an assistant professor at Clemson University teaching safety, risk, and toxicology.  From there she moved on to Radford University, and then to Ashland University (Ohio) where she spent 19 years teaching courses in biology and toxicology and pursuing research interests in cellular stress and energy metabolism.   At Ashland she was also recruited to the dark side of academia (i.e., administration), serving as Director of the Toxicology program and then Chair of the Department of Biology/Toxicology.  She went on to serve as Dean of the School of Sciences at Auburn University at Montgomery, a position that she held for five years before returning to the faculty in the Department of Biology there.  She is now engaged in teaching, research, and writing as Professor of Biology at AUM.  


    Ph.D. Toxicology, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    M.S. Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Virginia
    B.S. Physics and Biology, College of William and Mary, VA

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Cell stress and stress proteins

Personal Interests