Tim  Short Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tim Short

Hon. Treasurer
UCL Professors Dining Club

I'm interested in how Theory of Mind errors affect various fields including finance and military decision-making.


I have worked in particle physics, investment banking and philosophy/psychology.


    I have five degrees, two in physics and three in philosophy.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Particle physics, Monte Carlo simulation, Nietzsche (especially psychological topics), phenomenology, Theory of Mind, Simulation Theory

Personal Interests

    I am very interested in wine and am a Director of the Wine Guild of the UK.  I maintain my physics interests and am a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.  I am currently based in South East Asia, partly to assist with my research interests and partly because I love the food -- and the weather!


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 Featured Title - Simulation Theory - Short - 1st Edition book cover


New Paper On Simulation Theory Published

By: Tim Short
Subjects: Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology, Social Psychology


A new paper sketching some of the ideas in my book "Simulation Theory" has just been published in the journal "Mind and Language."