Carmen Harriet Maria Hass-Klau Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Carmen Harriet Maria Hass-Klau

Environmental & Transport Planning

I was born in Germany and studied Urban and Regional Planning in Berlin, followed by postgraduate degrees in Britain. I still have my own consultancy Environmental and Transport Planning, and have published numerous books and articles. I was Professor of European Public Transport at Wuppertal University, Germany. I am currently an academic advisor at Stavanger University, Norway.


I come originally from Nürnberg, and completed my first degree at the TU Berlin, followed by an MSc and PhD at Reading University, England. While at Reading I worked with Professor Peter Hall and co-authored with him `Can Rail save the City?’. My PhD thesis was published in 1990 by Belhaven Press as `The Pedestrian and City Traffic’, and was very well reviewed. I had already founded my consultancy Environmental and Transport Planning in 1985, and over the next 20 years ETP completed a wide range of projects, mainly focusing on the role of walking, traffic calming, cycling and public transport in the modern city. The clients ranged from local and central government to research foundations such as the Volvo Foundation. A special strength of ETP was its stress on international comparative research. From 1995 to 2012 I also had a position at the University of Wuppertal as Professor of European Public Transport. I am currently an academic advisor to the University of Stavanger, Norway. My new book `The Pedestrian and the City’ was published this year and stimulated research trips to a number of North American cities.


    Engineering Degree in Urban and Regional Planning 1977
    M.Sc. University of Reading 1979
    Ph. D. University of Reading, Geography 1989

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Rail-based public transport issues, pedestrianisation and traffic restraint, including traffic calming

Personal Interests

    Reading, travel, restoration of interesting, older properties


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