Dhruba   Kumar Bhattacharyya Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dhruba Kumar Bhattacharyya

Professor, Computer Sc and Engineering, Tezpur University, Napaam
Computer Sc and Engineering, Tezpur University

Prof Bhattacharyya received his PhD degree in 1999 in Computer Science and Engineering. He has been serving as a professor in the CSE department at Tezpur University since 2004. His research areas include data mining and machine learning, network security and bioinformatics.


Dhruba Kumar Bhattacharyya teaches data mining, computer security and cryptography, and network security in the PG and UG classes at Tezpur University. He received his Ph. D. degree from Tezpur University in 1999 in Cryptography and Error Control Coding. He is a professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Tezpur University since June, 2004. Prior to that Dr Bhattacharyya had served as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Jorhat Engineering College, Assam and at Tezpur University, respectively. Professor Bhattacharyya's research areas include data mining and machine learning, network security and bioinformatics. He has published more than 190 research articles in leading int'nl journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. Dr. Bhattacharyya has written 3 (three) and edited 6 (six) technical books in English and 2 (two) technical reference books (for 10+2) in regional language. Under his guidance, 7 (seven) students have received their Ph. D. and 1 (one) has submitted his thesis in the areas of data mining, bioinformatics and network security. He is on the editorial board of several international journals and also has been associated with several international conferences. More details about Dhruba can be found at http://agnigarh.tezu.ernet.in/~dkb/index.html.


    Ph D i Computer Sc and Engineering

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Data mining and machine learning, network security and bioinformatics

Personal Interests

    1. Publishing qiality journal papers
    2. Authoring text and reference books


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