Sven Erik  Jørgensen Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sven Erik Jørgensen

Professor, Dr. Eng. Dr. Scient
Copenhagen University

Founder of Ecological Modelling, an international journal,in 1974 and of ISEM (International Society of Ecological Modelling)in 1978. Research interest: 65-74 environmental technology, 1972-today systems ecology, ecological modelling, use of ecology in environmental management.


CV Sven Erik Jørgensen, ultrashort

1. The 1st Prigogine Prize (16th of June 2004)
2. 2004 Stockholm Water Prize for the Outstanding Contributions to  the Ecology of the World’s Lakes and Wetlands
3. 2005, Honorable Professorship (named “Einstein Professorship”) by the Chinese Academy of Science.
4. Coauthor of the best paper on Acores in 2004.
5. A Japanese medal (11th of February 1994) for the effort in "International Exchange" between Japan and the rest of the world.
6. Elected by Michigan State University to give a honourable lecture in connection with the "Career Prize". 1999.
7. Distinguished visiting professor at Ohio State University 1991.
8. ISEM-award, Halifax, 2000.
9. Soviet Academy of Science award (medal) for research in ecological modelling. 1986
10. Ruder Boskovic (Zagreb, Yugoslavia) medal for research in ecological modelling. 1986
11. Award (medal) from The Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Quality. 1984
12. Received the 4. of June 2006 a honorable doctor degree at Coimbra University, Portugal (founded 1290)
13. Received the 12. of September 2007 the 2007 Blaise Pascal Medal by the European Academy of Sciences
14. Elected member of the European Academy of Sciences, Head of the section for earth science and environmental sciences since 2009.
15. Received the 24th of November 2007 a honourable doctor degree in science at Dar es Salaam University, Tanzania.
16. Received the Santa Chiara Prize: Multidisciplinary Teaching Award, October 2008 by Sienna University. Received the Prize a second time in 2010, April and October.
17. Was appointed honorary member of the Iberian Society of Limnology November 2008



Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Areas of Professional Expertise:
    Systems ecology, ecological modelling, ecological engineering, environmental
    science and environmental management of aquatic systems.
    2) Publications: 349 papers, 235 in peer-reviewed international journals, 70 scientific books as author, editor or co-editor
    3) Instructor for 30 PhD students, who have all merited their Ph.D degree
    4) Chairman of the scientific committee of International Lake Environment Committee 1994-2006
    5) Editor in chief 1975-2009 and founder of Ecological Modelling. Now honorable editor.
    6) President of ISEM (International Society of Ecological Modelling) 1978- 1994 and 2007 - ?

Personal Interests

    Photography, literature, chess, nature


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