James  Beard Author of Evaluating Organization Development

James Beard

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Catawba College

I recently retired from 25 years of full time college teaching at Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina. Prior to that I was at Pikeville College in Pikeville, Kentucky. I have also held clinical chemistry positions as a product developer, quality control consultant, and administrator both in hospital settings and industrial settings. I taught at Manchester College. I hold a Ph.D. from Stanford and a B.A. from Manchester College. My family includes wife, Susan, and 6 adult children.

Subjects: Chemistry


I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Indiana.  Most of those years I lived on farms and learn to appreciated nature.  In spite of being close to the land, I never developed any interest in being a farmer.  In my adult life I have lived in various states, California, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and North Carolina.  I have always had a deep interest in religion and am currently serving as a lay pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in China Grove, North Carolina.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am an organic chemist by training and spent 25 years teaching chemistry at Catawba College.  During my years at Catawba I developed a deep and abiding interest in environmental chemistry.  As I worked in the field, I became very aware of the needed of those students not majoring in science to be introduced to the basics of environmental chemistry.  I have endeavored over a number of years to present environmental chemistry to non-science students.

Personal Interests

    I spent my professional life as a chemist and teacher, but I always had a deep interest in religion, history, and politics.  Beyond that I enjoy reading, travel, television, and playing cards.


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