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8 Strategies to Help Students Relax During Midterms

Posted on: March 11, 2020

You have heard it all before: Rest! Eat! Sleep!

What does it even mean to “take a break” as a college student in 2021? We asked ourselves this very question and wanted to offer some practical advice. Discover some of our strategies below.

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8 Strategies to Help Students Relax During Midterms Infographic

Set Boundaries

  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ even to the fun things. Schedule time in your calendar to study, but don’t forget to schedule guilt-free time to rest.

Find a Friend and do a Non-Screen Related Activity

  • Go for a jog, take a stroll around campus, spend time at a coffee shop, listen to music, play cards or a board game, volunteer.

Get Rest/Sleep

  • Hopefully this one is self-explanatory!

Treat Yourself to Lunch or Dinner

  • Before a big exam or paper – go somewhere you’ve always wanted to try or your favorite local spot. Don’t wait until after you’re all done take some time for yourself and eat well!

Limit Screen Time

  • Take “screen free” breaks alone – stretch, breathe deeply, practice meditation, and practice eating meals without your phone

Move Your Body!

  • Walk, run, or find free workouts on YouTube – just make sure you aren’t sitting still. Check out free fitness classes at your rec center or local gym and get moving!

Switch Up Your Study Locations

  • Always go to the same room in the library? Look for other study areas around your campus, or, you can always stop by your local public library.

Make a Plan for Finals Week

  • What study habits worked during midterms? What didn’t? Take note of that information and use it during finals week!

Share your experiences with others

  • Overall wellbeing is more than just a treat yo’ self moment, so don’t be afraid to share your experience with others. Show us how you #midtermselfcare on Twitter and tag us at @Routledgebooks