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IAJS FreeBook: Indeterminate States: Spaces 'betwixt and between'

Posted on: March 6, 2020

Produced in partnership with the International Association of Jungian Studies

Routledge is pleased to announce the digital publication of Indeterminate States: Spaces 'betwixt and between', a FreeBook created in partnership with the IAJS

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Are we able to hold indeterminate states as creative manifestations pointing towards new forms and sufficient cross border migration and fertilization? With chapter contributions from classic and contemporary works by Jerome Bernstein, Monica Luci, Mathew Mather, Jon Mills, Andrew Samuels, and Silvia Tenenbaum, Indeterminate States examines whether these liminal states mirror and reflect Jungian/post-Jungian ideas about cross border migration as facilitators for change, within both personal and cultural complexes.