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Academic Journal Permissions

There are two instant routes for clearing permissions to license content from a Taylor & Francis journal. Please select one of the two options listed below for requests concerning the use of material from a Taylor & Francis journal in English or another language for any of the following reasons:

  • Permission to use or republish texts, figures, tables, illustrations, or images from a Taylor & Francis journal. 
  • Taylor & Francis journal authors seeking permission to reuse their own material in another publication. 
  • Permission to use material from a Taylor & Francis journal in an academic dissertation or thesis
  • Academic institutions seeking permission to reuse Taylor & Francis journal content as course material.

Option A: Copyright Clearance Center​​​ RightsLink®

To request permissions via the Copyright Clearance Center​​​ RightsLink®, visit Taylor & Francis Online and navigate to the content you wish to request permissions for. Once you have located the desired journal, click the Reprint & Permissions tab and then the Request Academic Permissions button.

journals permissions options

Once you click the Request Academic Permissions button, RightsLink lets you obtain instant price quotes, place orders, and track your licensing activity in real time. You may find more in-depth details on requesting permissions via the Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® service here.

For questions about using RightsLink, please contact their Customer Care team via phone at 877-622-5543 (toll-free inside U.S. only) or 978-777-9929. You may also email them at [email protected].

Option B: PLS Clear

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Submit your request via PLSclear. Please click here to obtain permission.

For any assistance please visit the PLSclear Help page here.

While RightsLink® and PLSClear are the quickest and most efficient ways of securing permissions for Academic journal content, if you are unable to obtain permission via RightsLink® or PLSClear, you can contact T&F directly. However, please note that this process may take up to eight weeks

Simply visit Taylor & Francis Online and navigate to the content you wish to request permissions to republish. Once you have located the desired content, click on the Reprint & Permissions tab, and then click the Permissions form to clear Academic Permissions.

journals permissions form

permissions process

For more information relating to journal content please visit the Taylor & Francis Online Help Center.

Still Have Questions?

For all questions relating to Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, please contact the Permissions Team using the details below. 

Phone: + 44 208 052 0600  
Email: [email protected] 

Commercial Permissions for Journals

If you are seeking permission to use or republish a selection of text, figures, tables, illustrations, or images from a Taylor & Francis journal for commercial use (e.g., a commercial, pharmaceutical, or biotech product), we are happy to help.

Please note that permission is only granted once confirmed by a representative of Taylor & Francis. Use of any excerpt without permission being granted may be in breach of our terms and as a result we reserve the right to seek legal recourse.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Know if I Need Commercial Permission?

Commercial permission is required when an excerpt is being used for brand support or product promotion regarding a commercial, pharmaceutical or biotech compound or device. 

2. Once Permission for Commercial Re-Use Is Granted, How Can I Use the Excerpt?

You are permitted to use the materials in the following ways: 

  • Congress/Satellite event 
  • Standalone/Product launch meeting 
  • Product detailing/Diagnostic aid 
  • Core slide deck/Reference materials 
  • CME (Continuing Medical education) 
  • Plenary Event  
  • Advisory board/Steering group

If you do not see your intended use, please contact us directly for advice

3. How Long Do I Have Permission for Once Granted?

Standard licenses are valid for a year. Multi-year licenses can be requested up to 5 years. 

4. How Long Will It Take for Permission to Be Granted?

We aim to respond to all queries for permission within 48 hours.

5. How Do I Apply for a Reprint?

Please contact us at t&[email protected].