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  • Studying Late Medieval History

    A Thematic Approach

    By Cindy Wood

    Studying Late Medieval History is an accessible introduction for undergraduate history students wishing to understand the major topics of late medieval history. Examining the period from 1300–1550, this introductory guide offers an overview of 250 years of transformation, which saw technology,…

    Paperback – 2016-05-27

  • Exploring Giftedness and Autism

    A study of a differentiated educational program for autistic savants

    By Trevor Clark

    Savant and splinter skills are seen in memory, art, music or spatial skill amongst others. They can appear remarkable, but tend to be seen as 'obsessive' behaviors. Exploring Giftedness and Autism is based on a unique study which introduces and explores a differentiated curriculum and presents a…

    Paperback – 2016-05-27

  • Makeology

    Makerspaces as Learning Environments (Volume 1)

    Edited by Kylie Peppler, Erica Halverson, Yasmin B. Kafai

    Makeology introduces the emerging landscape of the Maker Movement and its connection to interest-driven learning. While the movement is fueled in part by new tools, technologies, and online communities available to today’s makers, its simultaneous emphasis on engaging the world through design and…

    Paperback – 2016-05-26


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  • Conferences & Events

    March 2016
    March 12-16: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) - Indianapolis, IN USA

    April 2016
    Apr. 2-4: ASCD Conference (ASCD) - Atlanta, GA USA
    Apr. 5-8: TESOL Expo - Baltimore, MD USA
    Apr. 8-12: American Educational Research Association (AERA) Washington, DC
    Apr.8-9: What Great Educators Do Differently Conference - Katy, TX
    Apr. 13-16: NCTM Annual Meeting - San Francisco, CA

    May 2016
    May 18-21: International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) 2016 - Urbana, IL
    May 31-June 5: National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) 2016 - San Francisco, CA

    July 2016
    Jul 13-16: 30th Annual HSTW Staff Development Conference - Louisville, KY

    October 2016
    Oct 17-21: Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) - Las Vegas, NV

    November 2016
    Nov 2-5: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) - Los Angeles, CA
    Nov 10-12: Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) - Columbus, OH
    Nov 17-20: University Council for Education Administration (UCEA) - Detroit, MI
    Nov 17-20: National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) - Atlanta, GA
    Nov 30-Dec 3: Literacy Research Association (LRA) - Nashville, TN

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    Marketing Contacts

    Editorial Contacts

    • Karen Adler, Editor, US, US and Canada
      Research monographs, Education, Psychology, Mental Health

      Karen Adler actively commissions research monographs across a range of topics in the areas of Education, Psychology, and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals for single-authored books and edited collections on cutting-edge research in these subjects for the Routledge Research program.

    • Catherine Bernard, Senior Publisher
      Educational Foundations, Social Justice Education, Math Education, Social Studies Education (USA)

      Catherine Bernard acquires titles in the areas of Educational Foundations, Education Policy and Politics, Multicultural Education, Social Studies Education, and Mathematics Education. With over fifteen years of experience, she proudly publishes academic books and texts for education researchers, scholars, and aspiring teachers.

    • Lauren Davis, Senior Editor, US
      Professional Books for K-12 Teachers

      Lauren Davis acquires practical Eye on Education books for teachers in grades K–12. She is interested in books on a wide range of subject areas, including literacy, math, world languages, technology/innovation, and general best practices. She seeks books that are reader-friendly, easy to use, and provide clear takeaways and tools for busy teachers, as opposed to books that are research-heavy for scholars and preservice teachers. She is a former sixth-grade ELA teacher and has worked in publishing for more than ten years.

    • Alison Foyle, Senior Publisher, UK and Rest of World
      Early Years Research (Routledge imprint), SEN, Literacy Research

      Alison Foyle has extensive experience in the field of education publishing. She commissions a wide variety of titles in the field of Special Educational Needs, with a keen interest in practical teacher resources, which are produced under the David Fulton imprint; textbooks for students in higher education and practitioners undertaking CPD; and scholarly and academic research texts. She also commissions in the growing field of Early Childhood Education research, and has a portfolio that includes several high-profile and successful international series.

    • Heather Jarrow, Editor, US
      Educational Leadership (including resources for K-12 school leaders), Higher Education

      Heather Jarrow acquires books in the disciplines of Higher Education and Educational Leadership. She publishes scholarly and professional books on the study of higher education and student affairs (HESA), including a burgeoning list of textbooks used in HESA graduate programs. Additionally, she acquires professional resources written for educators and administrators based in university and college settings. Within the discipline of Educational Leadership, she publishes books for both practicing and aspiring leaders, including textbooks for school and district leadership preparation courses as well as scholarly handbooks and supplementary titles. She also acquires professional development titles for practicing educational leaders.

    • Annamarie Kino-Wylam, Senior Editor, UK and Rest of World
      Early Years, Secondary Education and Education Studies (Fulton imprint)

      Annamarie Kino-Wylam commissions for the David Fulton list in the areas of early years education, secondary education and education studies. She publishes books to support initial teacher training, textbooks for students on early years and education studies courses and practical resources for secondary teachers and early years practitioners. She also commissions books for Teaching Assistants.

    • Lucinda Knight, Editor, Australia and New Zealand

      Lucinda commissions Education, Psychology and Mental Health books. She is interested in receiving proposals for books in these areas from authors based in Australia and New Zealand.

    • Heidi Lee, Editor, UK, Europe and Rest of World
      Research monographs, Education, Psychology, Mental Health

      Heidi Lee commissions academically rigorous and groundbreaking research across all sub-disciplines in the areas of Education, Psychology and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals for research monographs, edited collections and Routledge Focus titles.

    • Christina Low, Editor, East and South East Asia
      Research monographs: Education, Psychology, Mental Health, Linguistics

      Christina Low commissions scholarly books on Education, Psychology, and Linguistics and has a particular focus on working with authors based in Asia or with a research focus on Asia. Acquiring mostly research monographs and edited volumes, Christina also publishes supplementary textbooks on Education and handbooks on Education and Linguistics.

    • Alex Masulis, Senior Editor, US
      Educational Technology (globally), Special Education, Early Childhood

      Alex Masulis commissions professional books for PreK-12 teachers and administrators as well as higher education staff and professionals; scholarly research works; and textbooks in the following areas: Educational Technology, e-Learning, Instructional Design, and the Learning Sciences (Globally); Special Education and Early Childhood Education (US only).

    • Philip Mudd, Publisher, UK and Rest of World
      Educational Research, Research Methods, Higher Education, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

      Philip Mudd publishes books in the area of Higher Education (covering both the study of Higher Education itself and practical material that will help academics teach more effectively), Academic Writing and Research Supervision, Methods of Research (at undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional researcher level), Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, and books to assist international students who are studying for a qualification at an English-language institution.

    • Rebecca Novack, Editor, US
      Educational Research Methods, Educational Psychology, Assessment, School Psychology, Learning Sciences

      Rebecca Novack acquires books in Learning Sciences, Research Methods in Education, Educational Psychology, Testing and Assessment, and School Psychology. Rebecca publishes scholarly volumes and books for graduate-level courses, as well as practical texts that translate academic interventions for practical applications in professional settings.

    • Helen Pritt, Senior Editor, UK and Rest of World
      Primary, Secondary Education and Education Studies (Routledge imprint), Science Education

      Helen Pritt acquires for the Routledge Education list. She’s responsible for commissioning new textbooks to support initial teacher training, creative books for busy primary and secondary school teachers, and research-level titles in the fields of primary education, secondary education, education studies, and gifted and talented education. Best-selling series on Helen’s list include The Learning to Teach in the Secondary School Series, The Really Useful Series, The Learning to Teach in the Primary School Series, and The Debates in Subject Teaching Series. She’s always pleased to hear from new authors.

    • Bruce Roberts, Publisher, UK and Rest of World
      Primary Education (Fulton imprint), Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences, Higher Education (SRHE)

      Bruce Roberts is Publisher for Educational Psychology on both the Routledge and Fulton lists and for David Fulton Primary publications. He has twenty years of experience in academic publishing. He commissions books for Primary teachers and students on the David Fulton list including the bestselling Jumpstart series and the Fulton 5–11 textbooks series, and commissions research-level, professional books and textbooks in the areas of educational psychology, learning and instruction, and the interface between neuroscience, psychology, and learning. Recent publishing collaborations include the bestselling Visible Learning series of books, Introduction to Neuroeducational Research, Jumpstart Grammar, and Descriptosaurus.

    • Naomi Silverman, Publisher, US
      Language and Literacy, ESL/ELT/Multilingual Education (globally), Science Education, Art Education, Curriculum Theory

      Naomi Silverman publishes a range of scholarly volumes, textbooks, handbooks, and professional books on language and literacy education, ESL/multilingual education, curriculum theory, science education, teacher education, and art education, as well as the Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education Series. An editor in the field of Education since 1985, Naomi is committed to and passionate about working with authors to publish relevant, high-quality, cutting-edge work, with a particular interest in sociocultural, critical, and ethnographic perspectives. She has presented at conferences and published articles on academic publishing, and is an elected member of the Center for Applied Linguistics Board of Trustees for the 2015–2018 term.


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