Originally founded in the early 19th Century, Chapman & Hall is a historically well-regarded publishing house, known as the publishers of Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, among many others. Today, Chapman & Hall/CRC  is a leading scientific publisher, specializing in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and data science books. The Chapman & Hall/CRC name is associated with quality, and our expert authors include world-renowned academics, researchers, and thought-leaders. We have a number of well-regarded and prolific series within our remit, including the internationally recognized Texts in Statistical Science Series, R Series, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Series, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications Series, and our new and very popular Data Science Series.

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1st Edition
Systems Medicine: Physiological Circuits and the Dynamics of Disease
USD $69.95
December 15, 2023 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9781032411859
270 Pages

1st Edition
Machine Learning for Factor Investing: Python Version
USD $89.95
August 08, 2023 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9780367639723
358 Pages

1st Edition
Causal Inference: What If
USD $49.95
April 04, 2024 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420076165
312 Pages

1st Edition
The Effect: An Introduction to Research Design and Causality
USD $39.95
January 05, 2022 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9781032125787
646 Pages

1st Edition
Building Science Graphics: An Illustrated Guide to Communicating Science through Diagrams and Visualizations
USD $49.95
August 31, 2022 by A K Peters/CRC Press
ISBN: 9781032106748
357 Pages

2nd Edition
The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management
USD $79.95
July 28, 2023 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9781032218038
609 Pages

10th Edition
Contemporary Abstract Algebra
USD $110.00
December 30, 2020 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9780367651787
654 Pages


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