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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring a variety of different CBT and behavioral psychotherapy techniques, featuring our bestselling authors, including the following:

1. Chapter 2. The journeys of careexperienced students in England and Scotland Marginalised Communitiesin Higher Education edited by Neil Harrison, Graeme Atherton

2. Chapter 7: Reactivity, rationality, emotion and self-protection  Exploring Diary Methods in Higher Education Research edited by Xuemeng Cao, Emily F. Henderson

3. Chapter 1. Reimagining the higher education student Reimagining the Higher Education Student edited by Rachel Brooks, Sarah O’Shea

4. Chapter 3. Building a case for inclusive ways of knowing through a case study of a cross-cultural research project of out -of-school gir ls?aspirat ions in Zimbabwe: practitioners' perspectives Thinking Critically and Ethically about Research for Education edited by Alison Fox, Hugh Busher, Carmel Capewell

5. Chapter 1. The philosophy of higher education The Philosophy of Higher Education by Ronald Barnett

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