Little Minds Matter Guide

This new guide is the second from our Little Minds Matter series which brings together leading early years practitioners to write on the vital subject of children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

The guide includes five chapters from the next five books in our series, covering the diverse topics of building positive relationships with children; safeguarding; neuroscience in practice; how creativity can support wellbeing; and the power of anti-racist practice and professional love.

It is packed full of practical ideas and suggestions which can be used immediately, both for your own CPD and for the development of your team.

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What's included:

1. Introduction from editor Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

2. Building Positive Relationships with Children in Your Care rom Building Positive Relationships in the Early Years

3. Taking action to Safeguard and Protect Children from Developing Child-Centred Practice for Safeguarding and Child Protection

4. Neuroscience in Practice: Play Matters! from Little Brains Matter

5. Wellbeing and Creativiry from Creativity and Wellbeing in the Early Years

6. The Power of Professional Love from Anti-Racist Practice in the Ealry Years