Everyday Mindfulness Cover

This Guide to Everyday Mindfulness features a curated collection of 6 chapters from Routledge and Guilford Press to help you reduce stress and anxiety, heal from trauma, manage emotional eating, and communicate better using evidence-based mindfulness techniques. 

What's included:

1. The Eye of the Storm: Finding a Quiter Place in the Middle of It All from Facing the Storm

2. Mindfulness: Being in the Moment from Healing from Clinical Trauma Using Creative Mindfulness Techniques

3. Calming Tools from Positive Health

4. Mindful Eating from A Practical Self-Help Guide to Managing Comfort Eating

5. Nonviolent Communication: Mindfulness and Compassion in Relationships from Mindful Communication

6. Being Present from Compassion for Couples*

*Compassion for Couples is published by Guilford Press and distributed exclusively by Routledge across the UK, Europe, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. For all other regions, please visit guilford.com to purchase your copy.

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