Message from the Editors

As COVID-19 ravages countries around the world, the topics investigated by international development researchers have never felt more pertinent. We all need to consider the myriad ways in which humans connect with other humans in our globalised world, and both the damage and the benefits that these connections bring. For me, it is a chance to reflect on the last five years of our Development Studies publishing programme, which has seen the publication of 200 new books- books which challenge us to think critically about the successes and failures of global efforts to achieve positive change. As we consider what a post-COVID-19 era looks like, I know that our authors will continue to ask the tough questions about what the next chapter in our global story should look like. It is a privilege to help them to do so. If you have a new book idea which you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Routledge Development Studies publishing programme, please contact me at [email protected].


Human Rights Day, Thursday December 10th

On Human Rights Day we would like to showcase an exciting new book which considers 'Who protects the protectors?'

Protecting Human Rights Defenders at Risk Edited By Alice M. Nah

Drawing upon the experiences of human rights defenders who continue to persevere in their activism in Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico and Colombia, this edited collection examines the ways in which formal protection mechanisms by state and civil society actors intersect with self-protection measures and informal protection initiatives by families and friends. It highlights that protection practices are most effective when they are designed to address the specific risks that human rights defenders face (which are gendered and intersectional); reflect how defenders understand ‘risk’, ‘security’ and ‘protection’; and are appropriate for the dynamic sociopolitical and legal contexts in which defenders operate. This book proposes ways in which the protection of human rights defenders at risk should be reimagined and practised.



Series Spotlight

Routledge Corruption and Anti-Corruption Studies

On International Anti-Corruption Day 9th December, why not have a look at our book series Routledge Corruption and Anti-Corruption Studies? You'll find cutting edge research from some of the world's most influential anti-corruption thinkers.


Open Access and Free to View

Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy Edited By Maggie Walter, Tahu Kukutai, Stephanie Russo Carroll, Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear

This book examines how Indigenous Peoples around the world are demanding greater data sovereignty, and challenging the ways in which governments have historically used Indigenous data to develop policies and programs.


Authors in the Media

In October SOAS hosted a launch for Romina Istratii’s book Adapting Gender and Development to Local Religious Contexts: A Decolonial Approach to Domestic Violence in Ethiopia.


Reviews for The Future of Aid by Jonathan Glennie

  • "Never has internationalism been more needed than today. Never have the opportunities been so great, nor the price of failure so devastating. [...] The Global Public Investment approach is our best bet for modernising international public finance for the 21st century."

- Helen Clark, Former PM of New Zealand & Former UNDP Administrator

  • "I am so excited about this book! It's the first really inspired take on the changes we need to make in the aid and global development system I've seen this year"

- Lysa John, Secretary-General, Civicus (global alliance of civil society)

  • "With COVID-19 underlining the inequalities and unsustainability of the current structure of development finance, big new ideas are needed. That is what this book provides."

- Homi Kharas, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


Supporting the fight against racism and inequality

We have curated some of our relevant books and journals content in this area – much of it free to view or open access – and our editorial teams will continue to collaborate with scholars and experts to organize and publish an expanded reading list on this microsite.


New & Key Titles

To receive an exam copy of a book that you are interested in considering for use in a course, click on the Request e-Inspection Copy link to submit your request. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and the course you are teaching.

Featured Titles

1st Edition
The Future of Aid: Global Public Investment
USD $28.95
November 30, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367404970
160 Pages

1st Edition
Adventures in the Aid Trade: Forty Years Practising Development in Forty Countries
USD $36.95
February 25, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367434038
246 Pages

1st Edition
Inequality Studies from the Global South
USD $46.95
May 20, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367235680
296 Pages

1st Edition
Rural Development in Practice: Evolving Challenges and Opportunities
USD $48.95
May 18, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9781138575363
264 Pages

1st Edition
Hegemony and World Order: Reimagining Power in Global Politics
USD $48.95
September 24, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367457242
276 Pages

1st Edition
Southern-Led Development Finance: Solutions from the Global South
USD $48.95
September 30, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9781138391246
320 Pages

1st Edition
The Conundrum of Corruption: Reform for Social Justice
USD $48.95
December 31, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367224547
194 Pages