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With the start of the new academic term upon us, our latest Chapter Sampler is designed to help you get to grips with the essential theory, method and historiography at the cornerstone of History. It builds a foundational background that serves as essential reading for established and aspiring Historians alike.  

This chapter sampler features excerpts from some of our key textbooks in the field, including the following titles:

1. The Pursuit of History by John Tosh

2. History: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practice by Peter Claus and John Marriott

3. Public History by Thomas Cauvin

4. The Routledge Companion to Historical Theory Edited by Chiel van den Akker

5. Big and Little Histories: Sizing Up Ethics in Historiography by Marnie Hughes-Warrington and Anne Martin

6. Litigating Women Edited by Teresa Phipps and Deborah Youngs