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Best Sellers

3rd Edition
Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications
USD $270.00
August 11, 2020 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9780815370963
1120 Pages

1st Edition
Molecules That Amaze Us
USD $74.95
October 23, 2014 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781466589605
742 Pages

1st Edition
Every Molecule Tells a Story
USD $130.00
November 16, 2011 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9781439807736
280 Pages

2nd Edition
American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook
USD $170.00
March 15, 2013 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781466516946
1072 Pages

New Titles

1st Edition
The Ups and Downs in Drug Design: Adventures in Medicinal Chemistry
USD $140.00
November 16, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781032063638
474 Pages

1st Edition
Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Yunnan Province of China
USD $59.95
June 17, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781032023380
322 Pages

1st Edition
Natural Products Chemistry of Botanical Medicines from Cameroonian Plants
USD $59.95
September 29, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781138581425
220 Pages

1st Edition
Medicinal Plants of Borneo
USD $59.95
May 04, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781138601079
190 Pages

1st Edition
Recent Advances in the Science of Cannabis
USD $150.00
November 22, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9780367224424
292 Pages

1st Edition
Monographs in Contact Allergy, Volume 3: Topical Drugs
USD $220.00
February 16, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9780367236939
894 Pages

1st Edition
Essential Oils and Nanotechnology for Treatment of Microbial Diseases
USD $59.95
March 31, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9780367781811
328 Pages

Natural Products/Botanicals and Allergens

GMP, Contract Manufacturing and Compliance

Medicinal Chemistry