Mind in the Line of Fire Cover

Mind in the Line of Fire features a selection of six chapters that have been excerpted from books co-published by Routledge and the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Each chapter addresses a topic that relates to the theme of the IPA 53rd Congress in Cartagena.

What's included:

Foreword by Silvia Flechner, Chair of the IPA Publications Committee.

1. Faimberg's Method 'Listening to listening' from Clinical Research in Psychoanalysis

2. The Feminine and New Conceptions of Motherhood from Femininity, Desire and Sublimation in Psychoanalysis

3. Trauma and Its After-effects from Violence or Dialogue?

4. The Role of Historic Events in Treatment from Psychic Reality in Context

5. Cyberspace as Refuge or Prison: An Exploration of Analytic Communication from The Infinite Infantile and the Psychoanalytic Task

6. Revisiting José Bleger's Ideas in Times of Pandemia from Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Frame Revisited

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