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The Psychology editorial team at Routledge would be delighted to hear from you with any book plans you might have. We’re a large team with international networks and extensive publishing experience.

We are delighted to partner with the British Psychological Society, a registered charity which acts as the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK and is responsible for the promotion of excellence and ethical practice in the science, education, and application of the discipline within the UK and beyond. Whatever your book idea is, we are likely to find a home for your work in one of the BPS series, or as a standalone title in our Routledge programme.

Our Editors

Our experienced subject-specialist editors are always looking to hear from authors with fresh perspectives on classic and emerging topics, and ideas for cutting-edge edited collections and innovative interdisciplinary studies. Please contact the relevant editor with your book idea:

  •  Lucy Kennedy - Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology
  •  Zoe Thomson – Work Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Educational Psychology, Introductory Psychology
  •  Ceri McLardy- Cognitive Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Speech and Language Disorders, Behaviorism
  •  Emilie Coin- Social Psychology
  •  Molly Selby- Developmental Psychology, Family Studies
  •  Adam Woods- Research Methods, Comparative Psychology

Book series in the Routledge and BPS Book programme

We have six series in the Routledge and BPS Book programme, aimed at different target audiences, from undergraduate students to advanced undergraduates, postgraduate and researchers, as well as professionals and practitioners and general readers. Please click on the links below for more details about each series or reach out to the editors above.

BPS Core Textbooks in Psychology 

Our flagship textbook programme which includes authored, co-authored or edited volumes on all core topics in Psychology for course adoptions at undergraduate level.

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BPS Key Topics in Psychology 

A series of short books that focus on a specific field within Psychology. The books provide an accessible look at the subject matter by breaking the topics down into key concepts within the field, discussing the history, impact and future directions of the most important areas. The overall aim of these books is to provide undergraduate students with a simple overview of core psychology topics, breaking down information into bitesize chunks.

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BPS Foundations and Futures of Psychology: Global Perspectives 

The series offers cutting-edge, global perspectives on high profile topics that are of immediate concern to upper-level students, researchers and the field of psychology more broadly. Edited by an eminent scholar along with an early career academic, each volume also serves as a springboard for upcoming scholars. Each title focusses on a key topic, reviewing where the field has been and providing discursive debate of the latest research and practice. This cutting-edge insight will encourage critical understanding of - and reflection on - the events that shape contemporary approaches and future directions in psychology. As the series subtitle suggests, the volumes will focus on an international range of perspectives.

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BPS Pathways in Psychology 

A series of professional books designed to support individuals looking to begin careers in or using psychology. It will support both formal professional training programmes (e.g., in Clinical, Child/Educational, Forensic, Health, Neuropsychology, Coaching) as well as those looking to use psychology in their careers, but who perhaps wouldn’t consider themselves ‘psychologists’.

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BPS Professional Practice and Development 

A series of books designed to support continuing professional development by addressing topics and challenges faced by psychologists in their research and practice. Books include case studies and real-life examples in relevant contexts. Each book strikes a careful balance between research and practical strategies, as well as resources for implementation and opportunities for reflection.

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BPS Ask the Experts in Psychology 

Our popular science series of short engaging self-help books aimed at the general reader, addressing a key issue and the burning questions that people have. Each volume is written by a psychological expert in the field, grounded in research with a solid evidence-base, but the science is translated into highly accessible content. The overall aim of these books is to provide general readers with authoritative and straightforward guidance on topics that concern them, or which matter to everyday life. 

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