25 Years of Routledge Revivals

Information May Date, But Good Ideas Do Not.

The Routledge Library Editions, Psychology Library Editions and Revivals programmes of reissues began in 1998. It breathes new life into out-of-print works in the humanities and social sciences, and continues to bring them to a new generation of readers in a variety of formats.   

Whether in hardback, paperback or ebook, whether a stand-alone volume or a 300-volume set, the Routledge and Psychology Library Editions, and Revivals offer today’s scholars the chance to reconnect with some of the great names of the past.   

From Bertrand Russell to Saddam Hussein, the programme includes established but also controversial authors who broke new ground and shaped their disciplines (which were often in their infancy and are now an established part of the academic landscape). Writers whose influence on 19th, 20th and 21st century thought has traversed the globe and transcended social and political borders, and books whose enduring legacy provide a valuable bridge between the past and present.   

To date the programme has reissued over 34,000 titles by 15,000 authors. 

Routledge and Psychology Library Editions, and Revivals – What do our authors have to say?
Books come and go very quickly. I was delighted to hear that Taylor and Francis intended to give two of my books a new lease of life by reprinting them. With the passage of time, their messages have become increasingly relevant: Poverty and Progress (1973) to the ways the environmental crisis may actually be as much a driver of economic development as a consequence of it; and Class and Health (1986) as a reminder of how intractable health inequalities remain.
Richard Wilkinson
More than forty years after it was written The National Movement in Scotland is still relevant, providing historic insights centered on a critical period of flux and crisis that speak to current considerations.
Gerry Hassan
As the editor of two Psychology Revivals, I know this view is shared by scholars who contributed to those volumes and, surely, by almost innumerable others — The overall programme not only reflects an increasingly rare vision (and associated values) in the presentist and profit-focussed world of publishing but will be of inestimable value to many generations of students.
Frank Kessel, Professor Emeritus, The University of New Mexico, USA
… having them all together produced a profound emotional experience on me.... I also realized that this two- decade long project was what I had hoped to do from the beginning. In many ways, this conjunction of all of them validates my whole career.… I have had the best possible payoff – a sense of completion that cannot be beat.
The late William Uttal, Professor Emeritus, State University of Arizona, USA and author of The Uttal Tetralogy of Cognitive Neuroscience reissued together for the first time in 2014.
Information may date but good ideas do not. Once out of print, great ideas get lost, and we are all the poorer. For 25 years Routledge Revivals has been a boon for the health of research and scholarship in the social sciences and humanities: inclusion is a guarantee of high quality.
John Offer, Ulster University.

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