Speechmark books and materials on special educational needssocial and emotional wellbeingearly years and language and vocabulary provide best practice and inspiration to practitioners in education, health and social care.

Materials include card sets, educational games and story book sets containing illustrated story books for children and accompanying guidebooks for adults.

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

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Early Years

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Language and Vocabulary

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Card Sets and Educational Games

  • Find the Link is fun and interactive board game that has been designed to develop word-finding and categorisation skills for children and adults.
  • The Action Picture Test is widely used by Speech & Language Therapists / Pathologists, SENCOs and teachers to assess the speech and language development of children between 3 and 8.5 years of age.​
  • Sex Ed on the Cards is a fun, factual and LGBTQ+ inclusive resource for delivering effective and engaging relationships and sex education (RSE) to students aged 14+. 
  • The bestselling Colorcard sets help develop both language and social skills and are designed to support students of all ages and abilities.

Story Book Sets

  • This practical guidebook and beautifully illustrated storybook have been created to help teachers and professionals support children aged 4-12 who have experienced loss.
  • Words Together contains a guidebook and four colourful picture books, and has been designed for parents and practitioners supporting children to understand and use two-word sentences.
  • Supporting Children with DLD highlights the impact of DLD from the child’s point of view.
  • The 'Floss and the Boss' Storybook and Professional Guide has been created to help young children understand about domestic abuse and coercive control.