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This FreeBook contains excerpts from Routledge books examining the benefits of continuous professional development for researchers, academics and lecturers. Looking at balancing teaching, research and developing professional skills, this content will offer an insight into how academics can utilise learning and research practices in their own work.

Download now to instantly read the chapters included, but also be sure to click through and learn more about each title. Each of the following chapters we've chosen to include is just a small sample of the kind of information you can find in these books:

1. Professional Development in Higher Educationby Gill Nicholls.
Chapter 6: Teaching, research and scholarship: the role of professional development

2. The Action Learning Handbookby Anne Brockbank and Ian McGill.
Chapter 6: Action learning as a reflective process

3. Action Research in Teaching and Learning, by Lin Norton.
Chapter 11: Going Public

4. Handbook of Quality Assurance for University Teaching, Edited by Roger Ellis and Elaine Hogard.
Chapter 29: Developing Teaching Standards by Lynnette Matthews and Ruth Pilkington