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  • Progress in Economic and Political Thought: An Intellectual History book cover

    Progress in Economic and Political Thought

    An Intellectual History

    By Calvin Hayes

    This innovative and interdisciplinary book opens up the debate about the meaning of "progress" and its relation to justice, rights, liberty, modern science and technology. It challenges many 21st century assumptions about progress, arguing for a complete reconfiguration of the concept. The book is…

    Hardback – 2019-01-30 
    Routledge Studies in the History of Economics

  • The Historical Web and Digital Humanities book cover

    The Historical Web and Digital Humanities

    Edited by Niels Brügger, Ditte Laursen

    To date, few books have explored the links between the Digital Humanities and studies of the world wide web of the past. This volume fills this gap by providing a number of case studies that can both illustrate the potential of studying the web and serve as an inspiration to scholars who want to…

    Hardback – 2019-01-19 
    Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities

  • Renaissance Studies book cover

    Renaissance Studies

    By Brendan Dooley

    Renaissance Studies is a historiography textbook with a twist. At the heart of the book are six key themes the novelty of the renaissance, the instruments of diffusion, the influx from the Middle East and Asia, the ‘quest’, cultures and structures and the sacred and profane. Each chapter provides a…

    Paperback – 2019-01-01 

  • Rethinking Historical Genres in the Twenty-First Century book cover

    Rethinking Historical Genres in the Twenty-First Century

    Edited by Jaume Aurell

    This book deals with the way historical genres are theorized and practiced in the twenty-first century. In the context of the freedoms inspired by postmodernism and enabled by the development of innovative textual and graphic platforms, new theories of history view genres as flexible living forms…

    Paperback – 2018-12-02 

  • Auditor's Talk: An Oral History of the Profession from the 1920s to the Present Day book cover

    Auditor's Talk

    An Oral History of the Profession from the 1920s to the Present Day

    By Derek Matthews, Jim Pirie

    This book is an oral history of the auditing profession in Britain from 1920s to the present day based on extended extracts from interviews with 77 past and present practitioners. Those interviewed ranged from a nonagenarian who qualified in the 1920s, to active contemporaries, from sole…

    Paperback – 2018-11-30 

  • History as Wonder: Beginning with Historiography book cover

    History as Wonder

    Beginning with Historiography

    By Marnie Hughes-Warrington

    History and Wonder is a refreshing new take on the idea of history that tracks the entanglement of history and philosophy over time through the key idea of wonder. From Ancient Greek histories and wonder works, to Islamic curiosities and Chinese strange histories, through to European historical…

    Paperback – 2018-11-07 

  • The Cult of Thomas Becket: History and Historiography through Eight Centuries book cover

    The Cult of Thomas Becket

    History and Historiography through Eight Centuries

    By Kay Brainerd Slocum

    On 29 December, 1170, Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, was brutally murdered in his own cathedral. News of the event was rapidly disseminated throughout Europe, generating a widespread cult which endured until the reign of Henry VIII in the sixteenth century, and engendering a fascination…

    Hardback – 2018-11-02 
    Sanctity in Global Perspective

  • Displaced Things book cover

    Displaced Things

    By Sandra H. Dudley

    Displaced Things explores the movements of material things from the starting point and perspective of the object. It does so through the lens of displacement, drawing on earlier work on forced migration and conceptualising displacement in relation to anthropological ritual theory. It aims not only…

    Paperback – 2018-10-30 

  • International Humanitarian Law and Justice:: Historical and Sociological Perspectives book cover

    International Humanitarian Law and Justice:

    Historical and Sociological Perspectives

    Edited by Mats Deland, Mark Klamberg, Pål Wrange

    In the last decade, there has been a turn to history in international humanitarian law and its accompanying fields. In parallel historians have deepened their interest in the place of norms of history, the establishment and development of international institutions. This book brings together…

    Hardback – 2018-10-18 

  • Language, Memory and Remembering: Explorations in Historical Sociolinguistics book cover

    Language, Memory and Remembering

    Explorations in Historical Sociolinguistics

    By Vaidehi Ramanathan

    This volume explores issues of memory, remembering and language in late colonial India. It is the first systematic historical sociolinguistic study of English private and public citizens who lived in and/or worked for India and the Indian cause between 1920s to the 1940s. While some of the English…

    Hardback – 2018-10-12 
    Routledge India

  • The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography book cover

    The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography

    Edited by Dean Phillip Bell

    The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography provides an overview of Jewish history from the biblical to the contemporary period, while simultaneously placing Jewish history into conversation with the most central historiographical methods and issues and some of the core source…

    Hardback – 2018-10-03 
    Routledge Companions

  • A Contemporary Historiography of Economics book cover

    A Contemporary Historiography of Economics

    Edited by Till Düppe, E. Roy Weintraub

    In recent years, the focus of historians of economic thought has changed to also include the ideas and practices of contemporary economists. This has opened up new questions regarding the utilization of sources, choice of method, narrative styles, and ethical issues, as well as a new awareness of…

    Hardback – 2018-09-20 
    Routledge Studies in the History of Economics

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