1st Edition

individual Differences in infancy Reliability, Stability, and Prediction

Edited By John Colombo, Jeffrey Fagen Copyright 1990
    496 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    496 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The papers presented in this volume, written by active and well- known researchers, discuss experimental research that has validated the importance of infancy in individual development over the age continuum.

    In addition, a diverse overview section contains informative chapters on conceptual models for individual differences during infancy including:

    individual differences from the perspective of dynamical systems theory

    the logic of behavioral genetic designs and their use in the delineation of genetic contributions to individual differences

    coverage of basic statistical treatments for individual difference data focussing on cluster analytic techniques

    Contents: Part I:Individual Differences in Infancy: Overviews. F.D. Horowitz, Developmental Models of Individual Differences, E. Thelen, Dynamical Systems and the Generation of Individual Differences. L.A. Thompson, Genetic Contributions to Early Individual Differences. J.A. Green, Analyzing Individual Differences in Development: Correlations and Cluster Analysis. Part IIIndividual Differences in Neurobehavioral Development. E.B. Thoman, M.P. Whitney, Behavioral States in Infants: Individual Differences and Individual Analyses. J. Worobey, Behavioral Assessment of the Neonate. Part III:Information Processing and Output. J.W. Fagen, P.S. Ohr, Individual Differences in Infant Conditioning and Memory. J. Colombo, D.W. Mitchell, Individual Differences in Early Visual Attention: Fixation Time and Information Processing. S.A. Rose, J.F. Feldman, Infant Cognition: Individual Differences and Developmental Continuities. H.A. Ruff, Individual Differences in Sustained Attention During Infancy. B.A. Morrongiello, The Study of Individual Differences in Infants: Auditory Processing Measures. L.P. Acredolo, Individual Differences in Infant Spatial Cognition. A. Fogel, The Process of Developmental Change in Infant Communicative Action: Using Dynamic Systems Theory to Study Individual Ontogenies. D. Thal, E. Bates, Continuity and Variation in Early Language Development. Part IV:Temperament and Socioemotional Development. M.R. Gunnar, The Psychobiology of Infant Temperament. M.K. Rothbart, J.A. Mauro, Questionnaire Approaches to the Study of Infant Temperament. R. Plomin, J. Campos, R. Corley, R.N. Emde, D.W. Fulker, J. Kagan, J.S. Reznick, J. Robinson, C. Zahn-Waxler, J.C. DeFries, Individual Differences During the Second Year of Life: The MacArthur Longitudinal Twin Study.


    Colombo, John; Fagen, Jeffrey

    "...offers a much-needed framework for investigation in this relatively new research domain."
    Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

    "...will serve many readers as a source of updated, professional information for students of individual differences....and most generally, as a provocation for admirers of linear mathematics to reconsider whether they use the right sort of mathematics."
    Contemporary Psychology