Author Spotlight: Laura Scaife

This month, Informa Law is author spotlighting Laura Scaife, expert on social media and the law. Through her work and contributions to various publications , she discusses and informs us of the laws that have arisen from illegal activity conducted through social media. Discover her title published by Informa Law : Handbook of Social Media and the Law

About the Author

Laura Scaife is a Solicitor at Addleshaw Goddard, and author of The Handbook of Social Media and the Law. Her practice is a mix of both non-contentious and contentious data protection, social media and freedom of information matters for FTSE 100 clients. Laura is a contributing author of Jonathan Kirk QC's Modern Financial Regulation. She has also appeared on BBC television discussing social media and the law and is a Football Association registered lawyer.

Handbook of Social Media and the Law

This book considers the significant legal developments that have arisen due to social media. It provides an expert explanation of the issues that practitioners and businesses need to consider, as well as the special measures that are required in order to minimise their exposure to risk. The content is highly practical, and not only explores the law related to social media, but also includes useful aids for the reader, such as flow charts, checklists and case studies.

This book is an invaluable guide for private practice and in-house practitioners, business professionals, academics and post-graduate students involved in the law surrounding social media.

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‘This expertly written book provides an authoritative and clear road map for the multitude of stakeholders engaged with social media and the law…the text offers an accessible and analytic commentary from both a domestic and international perspective, coupled with incisive practical guidance.’ Peter Coe, East Anglian Chambers, Compliance and Risk

‘…comprehensive in its up to date overage of social media’s interaction with a variety of areas of law applicable to a wide range of stakeholders. Peter Coe, East Anglian Chambers, Compliance and Risk

'Within the general area of media and communications law, this seminal text has, undoubtedly, created a niche that will continue to expand. Consequently, since this author has adroitly managed to produce a book that strikes a good balance between being academically authoritative and practically accessible, this text is going to be a hugely influential ‘must-have’ for the ever-expanding body of people and organizations engaged with, or simply interested in, social media’s relationship with the law.’ Peter Coe, East Anglian Chambers, Compliance and Risk

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