1st Edition

Burmese (Myanmar) Dictionary of Grammatical Forms

By Anna J Allott, John Okell Copyright 2001
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    Suffixes, prefixes and other bound forms play a prominent part in the grammar of Burmese/Myanmar: they carry almost all the grammatical information contained in a sentence. This dictionary is a comprehensive list and account of those grammatical forms, providing a much needed supplement to the standard Burmese-English dictionaries, where the grammatical forms receive scant attention.


    Anna J Allott, John Okell

    'It provides everything that is routinely absent from many of the dictionaries in standard use for Asian languages with isolating grammars, namely genuinely useful guidance in the parsing and interpretation of grammatical particles and other forms. Two innovatie aspects of the design for the dictionary entries are of crucial value, and set it clearly apart from other comprehensive Burmese-foreign language dictionaries First is the systematic attention paid to the syntactic environment in which forms occur. Second is the care taken to highlight equivalences and differences between the Colloquial and Formal styles of Burmese. This work is a pioneering step in Burmese corpus linguistics Readers can look forward to allowing the "Dictionary" to solve their Burmese grammar problems one by one.' - Justin Watkins, Aseasuk News