1st Edition

mHealth Multidisciplinary Verticals

Edited By Sasan Adibi Copyright 2015
    754 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    754 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    An in-depth overview of the emerging concept; Mobile Health (mHealth), mHealth Multidisciplinary Verticals links applications and technologies to key market and vendor players. It also highlights interdependencies and synergies between various stakeholders which drive the research forces behind mHealth. The book explores the trends and directions where this vertical market is headed.

    Divided into nine sections, the book covers a number of multidisciplinary verticals within the field of mHealth such as:

    • Preventive and curative medicine
    • Consumer and patient-centric approaches
    • Psychological, behavioral, and mental verticals
    • Social perspectives
    • Education, adoption, and acceptance
    • Aged care and the aging population
    • Regional, geographical, and public-health perspectives
    • Technology implications
    • Cloud applications

    The book collates emerging and diverse mHealth applications into a single resource. The result of extensive research, the book is a collaborative effort between experts from more than 20 countries, who have been carefully reviewed and selected by the team of reviewers. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to health informatics and provides a roadmap to current and future directions of mHealth.


    mHealth Preventive and Curative Medicine
    Placing Prevention in the Pockets: The Role of mHealth in Preventive Medical Services, Alireza Ahmadvand, Robyn Whittaker, and Megan S.C. Lim
    Going Beyond: Challenges for Using mHealth Applications for Preventive Medicine, Joerg Brunstein, Angela Brunstein, and Michael K. Martin
    Mobile Services for Diabetic Patients’ Sustainable Lifestyle, Shakira Shaheen, Abbas Mohammed, and Nedelko Grbic

    Consumer and Patient-Centric Approaches in mHealth 5. mHealth Diet and Nutrition Guidance
    , Yasmine Probst, Duc Thanh Nguyen, Megan Rollo, and Wanqing Li
    Step-By-Step Guide to Designing Effective Wellness Apps, Sandy Ng and Lucia Vuong
    Collaborative Health-Care System (COHESY) Model, Vladimir Trajkovik, Saso Koceski, Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska, and Igor Kulev

    Psychological, Behavioral, and Mental Verticals of mHealth
    mHealth for Behavior Change and Monitoring, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Wendy Nilsen, and Misha Pavel
    Implementing Behavior Change: Evaluation Criteria and Recommendations for mHealth Applications Based on the Health Action Process Approach and the Quality of Life Technology Framework in a Systematic Review, Angela Brunstein, Joerg Brunstein, and Michael K. Martin
    mHealth and Population Management, Dirk Boecker, Bernhard Mikoleit, and David Scheffer
    mHealth Translation Framework: Behavioral Design and Development to Improve Self-Management in Chronic Health Conditions, John Dinsmore and Ronan McDonnell
    Neuropsychiatric mHealth: Design Strategies from Emotion Research, Thomas D. Hull

    mHealth Social Perspectives
    Social Perspectives on Health: mHealth Implications, Hossein Adibi
    Study of the Effective Factors in Mobile Health-Care Success: Sociotechnical Perspective, Pantea Keikhosrokiani, Nasriah Zakaria, Norlia Mustaffa, and Ibrahim Venkat
    Implementing mHealth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: What Should Program Implementers Consider? P.J. Wall, Frédérique Vallières, Eilish McAuliffe, Dave Lewis, and Lucy Hederman

    mHealth Education, Adoption, and Acceptance
    Role of mHealth in Nursing: A Conceptual Framework, Phillip Olla, Christie Butrico, and Chaz Pichette
    mHealth Contents and Services Delivery and Adaptation Challenges for Smart Environments, Tayeb Lemlouma, Sébastien Laborie, Philippe Roose, Abderrezak Rachedi, and Kenza Abdelaziz
    Investigating mHealth Education and Training for the Health-Care Sector, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar and Elspeth McKay
    Importance of National Culture on Using Mobile Health-Care Systems (MHS), Pantea Keikhosrokiani, Banafsheh Farahani, Nasriah Zakaria, Norlia Mustaffa,
    Hassan Sadeghi Amini, Gilnaz Purhossein, and Sayedmehran Mirsafaie Rizi

    mHealth Aged Care and Aging Population
    Opportunities for mHealth in an Aging Population Context, Brenda M.B. Reginatto
    mHealth for Elder Care: Survey of Existing Solutions and Future Road Map, Marilia Manfrinato, Kami Shalfrooshan, and Rozita Dara
    mHealth for Aging Populations: Community, Participation, Connectivity, and Mobile Technologies for Older People, Elspeth McKay and Jennifer Martin

    mHealth Regional, Geographical, and Public Health Perspectives
    Current Situation and Challenges for mHealth in the Latin America Region, Ana Lilia González, Alejandro Galaviz-Mosqueda, Salvador Villarreal-Reyes,
    Roberto Magana, Raúl Rivera, Manuel Casillas, and Luis Villasenor
    mHealth Issues, Challenges, and Implications: Ethics of Mobile Health Care—The Case of Sweden, Elin Palm
    Rural Community Health in India: Problems and Solutions, Nandini Bondale, Sanjay Kimbahune, and Arun K. Pande
    Prospects of mHealth to Improve the Health of the Disadvantaged Population in Bangladesh, Fatema Khatun, Anita E. Heywood, Abbas Bhuiya, Siaw-Teng Liaw, and Pradeep K. Ray
    Mobile Health in the Developing World: Needs, Facts, and Challenges, Arwa Fahad Ababtain, Deana Ahmad AlMulhim, Faisel Yunus, and Mowafa Said Househ

    mHealth Technology Implications
    Enhancing Decision Support in Health-Care Systems through mHealth, Michael Mutingi
    mHealth Technology Implication: Shifting the Role of Patients from Recipients to Partners of Care, Muhammad Anshari and Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
    Understanding User Privacy Preferences for mHealth Data Sharing, Aarathi Prasad, Jacob Sorber, Timothy Stablein, Denise L. Anthony, and David Kotz
    House of Quality and Comparative Assessment of Health-Care Services, Saradhi Motamarri, Pradeep K. Ray, and Chung-Li Tseng
    Economic Approaches to Assessing Benefits of mHealth Technology: A Guide for Decision and Policy Makers, Thomas Martin and Paul Solano

    mHealth Cloud Applications
    mHealth and Pharmacy in Health Care, Kevin A. Clauson, Zaher Hajar, Joshua Caballero, and Raymond L. Ownby
    Health Web Science: Facilitating Health Care and Well-Being Using Examples in Urinary Incontinence, Medical Education, and Diabetes, Grant P. Cumming, Joanne S. Luciano, Sandra MacRury, Douglas McKendrick, Kate Stephen, and Andrew Chitty
    mHealth and Medical Imaging, Chandrashan Perera and Rahul Chakrabarti
    3R (Retiming, Regeneration, Reshaping) Dataflow Engine to Enable Online Professional Health Care, Anpeng Huang
    Answers to the End-of-Chapter Questions


    Sasan Adibi

    "This book is a sparkling example of a transition to a new era of books on a particular topic: it contains a multidisciplinary approach, [offers] easy searching, [is] logically structured, and is a result of the thorough work of a big team of specialists from different countries and professional backgrounds. This helps to create a full, up-to-date picture of mobile health initiatives and their implementation in diverse social, financial, and geographical environments, [as well as the related] achievements and controversies."
    --Marianna E. Ivanova, Oftalmic Ltd, Research Center of Neurology, Russia

    "... brings together a comprehensive collection of evidence and discussion that assesses the role mHealth is already having in healthcare delivery around the world and analyses the relevant impacts this can, and will, have throughout the industry vertical. ... goes beyond discussion to introduce specific analysis, research, and targeted guidance frameworks for professionals working in the industry. ... provides a compelling case for wider mHealth adoption. Just as mHealth in itself is providing the vital connections across healthcare, the editor has succeeded in drawing together this disparate evidence base in order to present a comprehensive overview of the potential for these technology-led services."
    --Matthew Driver, from Journal of mHealth, October 2015

    "... describes the successes from across the broad spectrum of mHealth applications; summarizes the design, implementation, and assessment of mHealth technology; and discusses the future implications of mHealth and its integration with other healthcare technologies. ... The authors discuss a wide variety of mHealth technologies, without particular bias to any one technology or implementation. Taken together, mHealth: Multidisciplinary Verticals serves an important role as an introductory resource to the burgeoning field of mHealth."
    --Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, November 16, 2015