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  • Happy International Women's Day!

    Happy International Women's Day!  To celebrate this year's theme of #BeBoldForChange, we're highlighting stories and books from strong women who are trailblazing paths in the workforce.

  • Friday Forum

    Welcome to this week's Friday Forum!  Here's a sampling of the posts that made us stop and think twice about how and why we work the way we do.

  • Friday Forum

    It's time for Friday Forum, our weekly wrap-up of buzz-worthy links from Bibliomotion authors!  

  • New Year, New You

    With a brand new year stretching ahead, January is the perfect time to reset parenting expectations. 2017 is a fresh start so give yourself permission to ponder how to parent in the new year.

  • Our BiblioSpeakers

    Bibliomotion Speakers are authors who have deep knowledge about, and passion for, their subjects. Many of our authors have written one or more books; they blog, they lecture, they live and breathe their topics, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Please browse their bios and topics below.

  • BiblioSpeaker Topics

    Bibliomotion Speakers have a wide range of topics, from innovation to parenting, from inspiration to conversation. Please browse them below.

  • BiblioSpeakers

    Bibliomotion authors are passionate about their topics, and that passion comes through in their books and in their speeches. It is our privilege to help our authors spread their messages, and to promote both their writing and their speaking careers.

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Duct Tape Parenting

    What are your parenting goals for the New Year? Less nagging? More problem solving? Improved levels of stress? When it comes to child-rearing in 2013, you have three more R’s to add to your resolution’s list: respect, responsibility, and resilience.

  • Vicki Hoefle: One Year Later

    Vicki Hoefle, professional parent educator and creator of the Parenting On Track™ Program shares her experiences in the year since her book, Duct Tape Parenting, was published. Here, she shares insights on sales, marketing, and public speaking, and offers great advice to prospective writers!

  • Bibliomotion Around the World: Duct Tape Parenting

    Many of our recent titles are now–or will soon be–available around the world from foreign publishers. Sometimes, though, the translations come with facelifts, and we love to see how the covers change from one edition to the next. Vicki Hoefle’s Duct Tape Parenting tackles the universal question of how much parents should hover over their kids (very little). This title has been a particularly adventuresome traveler, and we’ve rounded up five different covers to show you below.