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While film and video have long been used within psychological practice, researchers and practitioners have only just begun to explore the benefits of film and video production as therapy. Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy explores the burgeoning area of psychotherapy which uses the art of filmmaking and digital story telling as a means of healing victims of trauma or abuse.

Discover the book trailer and accompanying website...

The video and accompanying website have been created by the author with the intention to create a collaboration between filmmakers, psychologists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, and art therapists to stimulate discussion about the use of film and video based therapy in healing victims of trauma or abuse.

This video uses some examples of the work created by those helped by this form of art therapy and the impact that this has upon their mental state, and acts as a trailer for the themes explored in the book.

Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy trailer from Josh Cohen on Vimeo.

Talking about the inspiration behind this film, Josh Cohen says 'I was inspired by the DVD that was attached with Catherine Highland Moon's book "Media and Materials in Art Therapy" and wanted to expand on the growing field of film/video based therapy. Brian Austin, Benjamin Patton, Basia Mosinski, Jon Ehinger, and many of the other authors are consistently growing in their fields. It seemed natural that we have a video to showcase the website and to promote the visual material since that is what the book's material draws from. Rather than to produce a DVD, the website seemed more accessible in the world of e-books and ipads and other tablets.'

The website has been created for use as an appendix to the book and includes author contributions and videos that support the ideas covered in the book. The creators of the website encourage users to see the site as a place to 'stir up questions as well as to inspire creativity and rethinking what it means to be a creative therapist'.

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