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  • The New Psychology of Health: Unlocking the Social Cure book cover

    The New Psychology of Health

    Unlocking the Social Cure

    By Catherine Haslam, Jolanda Jetten, Tegan Cruwys, Genevieve Dingle, Alex Haslam

    This ground-breaking book presents a new approach to the psychology of health which suggests social ties are just as important for your health as physical factors such as diet and exercise. Pioneered by the authors over the last decade, this points to the capacity for group life —and the social…

    Paperback – 2017-11-01 

  • Adult Transgender Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Training Mental Health Professionals book cover

    Adult Transgender Care

    An Interdisciplinary Approach for Training Mental Health Professionals

    Edited by Michael R. Kauth, Jillian C. Shipherd

    Adult Transgender Care provides an overview of transgender health and offers a comprehensive approach to training mental health professionals in transgender care. The book takes an interdisciplinary approach to transgender care, emphasizing the complementary contributions of psychiatry, psychology,…

    Paperback – 2017-11-01 

  • The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies: A Handbook for Practice Today book cover

    The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies

    A Handbook for Practice Today

    By Marlene M. Maheu, Myron L. Pulier, Frank H. Wilhelm, Joseph P. McMenamin, Nancy E. Brown-Connolly

    In the last two decades, new communication technologies have dramatically changed the world in which mental health professionals and their patients live. Developments such as e-mail, online chat groups, Web pages, search engines, and electronic databases are directly or indirectly affecting most…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • Introspection in Biography: The Biographer's Quest for Self-awareness book cover

    Introspection in Biography

    The Biographer's Quest for Self-awareness

    Edited by Samuel H Baron, Carl Pletsch

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • The Mind in Disorder: Psychoanalytic Models of Pathology book cover

    The Mind in Disorder

    Psychoanalytic Models of Pathology

    By John E. Gedo

    Anchoring his schema in the belief that nonorganic disorders are disturbances in adaptation explicable within a depth-psychological framework, Gedo posits two broad categories of functional disorder: "apraxias" that represent any failure to learn adaptively essential skills, and disorders of what…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • Development and the Arts: Critical Perspectives book cover

    Development and the Arts

    Critical Perspectives

    Edited by Margery B. Franklin, Bernard Kaplan

    This volume's unifying theme is the question: Is a concept of development relevant to art? Bringing together contributions from the perspectives of philosophical aesthetics, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, and the practicing artist, as well as developmental theory in psychology, this…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 
    Psychology Press

  • Career Pathways in Psychiatry: Transition in Changing Times book cover

    Career Pathways in Psychiatry

    Transition in Changing Times

    Edited by Arthur Lazarus

    Career transitions in psychiatry have rarely been discussed openly.  Yet, in the light of health care reform and other forces affecting clinical practice, it is more important than ever that psychiatrists have information about the career options within their specialty.  Career Pathways…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • The Tender Bud: A Physician's Journey Through Breast Cancer book cover

    The Tender Bud

    A Physician's Journey Through Breast Cancer

    By Madeleine Meldin

    The Tender Bud is the moving story of one woman's journey through breast cancer.  The woman in question happens to be a senior psychiatrist of broad learning and deep clinical insight.  Madeleine Meldin weathered the crisis of breast cancer without the support of an immediate family and…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • Substance Use Among Women: A Reference and Resource Guide book cover

    Substance Use Among Women

    A Reference and Resource Guide

    By Louis A. Pagliaro, Anne Marie Pagliaro

    There is increasing concern among all health and social care professionals about substance use among women.  Of particular concern is the consequence of substance use on the physical, mental, and social well-being of women and also the repercussive effect on their children, families, and…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • Attention Deficit: A Practitioner's Handbook book cover

    Attention Deficit

    A Practitioner's Handbook

    By Santo J. Triolo

    Most clinicians rely on only an interview to diagnose ADHD in adults. With the recent media "overkill" about ADHD, more and more patients have already read numerous articles and books about the topic making it even harder for practitioners to differentiate between symptoms due to ADHD and symptoms…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • The Biology of Clinical Encounters: Psychoanalysis as a Science of Mind book cover

    The Biology of Clinical Encounters

    Psychoanalysis as a Science of Mind

    By John E. Gedo

    In The Biology of Clinical Encounters, Gedo utilizes recent findings in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to elaborate his conception of psychobiology and to consider its implications in clinical analysis.  He pursues this challenging undertaking in several directions.  He illuminates…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

  • Fathers and Their Families book cover

    Fathers and Their Families

    Edited by Stanley H. Cath, Alan R. Gurwitt

    Although a great deal has been written about the development of children, the mother-child relationship, and the differing psychologies of women and men, the study of fathers, fathering, and fatherhood has, until very recently, been virtually ignored.  Fathers and Their Families redresses this…

    Paperback – 2017-10-31 

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