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  • Middle East Studies Collection

    We are pleased to bring you a selection of our recent and forthcoming titles on Middle East Studies. Browse our full compilation of titles here and explore our other online collections for our Major Works and Handbooks at https://www.routledge.com/middleeaststudies/collections.

  • Middle East Studies Textbooks

    We are proud to present our Middle East Studies textbook catalogue! Browse our selection of titles designed for the classroom and focusing on a wide range of key areas in these important and expanding fields.

  • New to Middle East Studies

    Discover the latest Middle East Studies titles from Routledge

  • Broaden your research with titles specialising in Middle East and Africa

    Below are titles that focus on either the regions of Middle East and Africa or the individual countries within these regions with subjects reaching from area studies to media studies. 

  • Taylor & Francis Books Open Archive

    Explore our collection of 250 Open Access titles in the Taylor & Francis Books Open Archive.  Browse titles across a variety of subject areas including Business & Management, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Language & Literature, Politics & International Relations, Built Environment and more...  

  • Author Directions: Navigating Your Success...

    This series is a collection of free resource to guide our new, current and potential authors through the world of academic publishing. Resources will include social media guidance, how to turn your PhD in to a book, how to write a successful proposal, how to maintain discoverability of your book and many more.

  • MESA 2017 Conference

    Routledge is pleased to present our new and notable books to be featured at MESA. The 2017 Annual Meeting for the Middle East Studies Association will be held from November 18-21 in Washington, DC.

  • Routledge India Originals

    Explore the Routledge India Originals publishing programme - making critical interventions in theoretical and empirical research in South Asia.