• Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide book cover

    Preparing for International Health Experiences

    A Practical Guide

    Edited by Akshaya Neil Arya

    At some point in their careers, many health professionals engage in elective overseas exchange work. The benefits of practicing in different environments and learning healthcare methods from other global perspectives is invaluable.   This book is a unique resource that offers necessary insights…

    Paperback – 2017-06-29

  • Family, Intergenerational Solidarity, and Post-Traditional Society book cover

    Family, Intergenerational Solidarity, and Post-Traditional Society

    By Ronald J. Angel, Jacqueline L. Angel

    Almost all families will at some time have to make difficult decisions concerning aging family members, involving institutionalization, moving from medical interventions to palliative care, and even physician-assisted death. Yet, the historical transition from traditional to post-traditional…

    Paperback – 2017-06-28

  • International Handbook of Positive Aging book cover

    International Handbook of Positive Aging

    Edited by Rachael E. Docking, Jennifer Stock

    As our global demographic shifts towards an increasingly aging population, we have an opportunity to transform how we experience and think about getting older and embrace the diversity and contribution that this population can bring to society. The International Handbook of Positive Aging showcases…

    Hardback – 2017-06-26
    Routledge International Handbooks

  • Death and Dying in India: Ageing and end-of-life care of the elderly book cover

    Death and Dying in India

    Ageing and end-of-life care of the elderly

    By Suhita Chopra Chatterjee, Jaydeep Sengupta

    Most aged in India are experiencing a highly protracted death in hospitals, entangled in tubes and machines. Such ‘medicalised death’ entails huge psychological, social and financial costs for both patients and their caregivers. There are also many who are dying in abject neglect. However,…

    Hardback – 2017-06-26
    Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series

  • Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings: Creating Entrancing Sensory Experiences book cover

    Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings

    Creating Entrancing Sensory Experiences

    By Joanna Grace

    Sensory-being: the enveloping of natural presentness and awareness in an unfolding sensory moment. Sensory Beings: people whose experience of the world, and meaning within it, is primarily sensory. Often these are people who do not have access to language. If you support someone who understands the…

    Paperback – 2017-06-26

  • Thinking with Metaphors in Medicine: The State of the Art book cover

    Thinking with Metaphors in Medicine

    The State of the Art

    By Alan Bleakley

    While medical language is soaked in metaphor, and thinking with metaphor is central to diagnostic work, medicine – that is, medical culture, clinical practice and medical education – outwardly rejects metaphor for objective, literal scientific language. This thought-provoking book argues that this…

    Hardback – 2017-06-23
    Routledge Advances in the Medical Humanities

  • Interdisciplinarity and Wellbeing: A Critical Realist General Theory of Interdisciplinarity book cover

    Interdisciplinarity and Wellbeing

    A Critical Realist General Theory of Interdisciplinarity

    By Roy Bhaskar, Berth Danermark, Leigh Price

    In this book, the authors provide a much-needed general theory of interdisciplinarity and relate it to health/wellbeing research and professional practice. In so doing they make it possible for practitioners of the different disciplines to communicate without contradiction or compromise, resolving…

    Paperback – 2017-06-21
    Routledge Studies in Critical Realism (Routledge Critical Realism)

  • Physical Activity in Diverse Populations: Evidence and Practice book cover

    Physical Activity in Diverse Populations

    Evidence and Practice

    Edited by Melissa Bopp

    The health benefits associated with regular physical activity are now widely recognized. This book examines how social determinants such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and disability can impact on physical activity and its associated health outcomes. It explores the…

    Paperback – 2017-06-21

  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: The International Handbook book cover

    Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

    The International Handbook

    Edited by Barbara A. Wilson, Jill Winegardner, Caroline M. van Heugten, Tamara Ownsworth

    This outstanding new handbook offers unique coverage of all aspects of neuropsychological rehabilitation. Compiled by the world’s leading clinician-researchers, and written by an exceptional team of international contributors, the book is vast in scope, including chapters on the many and varied…

    Paperback – 2017-06-20
    Psychology Press

  • Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality: Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users book cover

    Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality

    Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users

    By Lynn Tang

    Mental health has long been perceived as a taboo subject in the UK, so much so that mental health services have been marginalised within health and social care. There is even more serious neglect of the specific issues faced by different ethnic minorities. This book uses the rich narratives of the…

    Hardback – 2017-06-19
    Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Health and Illness

  • Global Health: An Introduction to Current and Future Trends book cover

    Global Health

    An Introduction to Current and Future Trends, 2nd Edition

    By Kevin McCracken, David R. Phillips

    Global Health continues to provide readers with a comprehensive, up-to-date and thought-provoking outline and understanding of the constantly evolving global health landscape. In this new edition the authors have maintained the successful structure and organisation of the previous edition to…

    Paperback – 2017-06-19

  • Theoretical Issues in Stuttering book cover

    Theoretical Issues in Stuttering

    2nd Edition

    By Ann Packman, Joseph S. Attanasio

    Despite decades of research into the nature and treatment of stuttering, the causes and underlying mechanisms of it are still not well understood. In this unique and comprehensive overview of the numerous theories and models which seek to understand and explain stuttering, the authors of…

    Paperback – 2017-06-19

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