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Open access books for your institution

Taylor & Francis are one of the top producers of open access books content worldwide according to OAPEN, each library will gain access to this content free of charge if they have a Taylor & Francis eBooks subscription.

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Helping your researchers find the best open access content

  • Which subject areas do we have open access books in? We have over 600 pieces of open access books content all in English language. Our strengths are in Society & Social Sciences and Humanities and we have a growing STEM program.
  • Which repositories does Taylor & Francis use for open access books? Open access content is available not only on Taylor & Francis eBooks, but on online repositories such as Google Scholar, DOAB and OAPEN. In 2019 Taylor & Francis open access books were accessed in 202 countries tracked from the OAPEN platform giving expanded reach to the research.
  • Are the books DRM Free? Yes, all open access books from Taylor & Francis are DRM Free
  • Do open access books have the same accessibility and formatting as traditional eBooks? Yes, the open access titles go through the exact same rigorous peer review and through production process as our traditionally published titles. Each open access title on Taylor & Francis eBooks will be marked with the open access symbol

How to help your researchers produce open access content

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Find out about the different routes to making your work open access, the benefits of doing so, and how you can achieve your open access goals with Taylor & Francis.

Publishing open access: a guide for authors