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Apple Academic Press is an independent international publisher focusing on academic and professional books on cutting-edge research in STEM as well as books in other fields such as hospitality and tourism, business and management, library and information science, human and social sciences, and others.  

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Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Human Resource Management - This new volume presents a range of techniques that aim to enhance the operation of human resource management by applying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. With illustrative case studies, the volume uses examples from several real-life problems and includes their possible solutions using advanced AI technology.

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Food Microbial and Molecular Biology - The ever-increasing globalization of the food industry demands new interventions and prevention technologies to improve the safety and quality of food. This multidisciplinary new book presents advanced systems for identifying, analyzing, tracking, and monitoring microbial contaminants in food.

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Advanced Computer Science Applications - This new book brings together the most recent trends related to AI, machine learning, and network security. The chapters cover diverse topics on machine learning algorithms and security analytics, AI and machine learning, and ntework security applications. The volume presents a survey of speculative parallelism techniques, performance reviews, and efficient power consumption.

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Genetic Engineering - This new 2-volume set explores new research and perspectives in genetic engineering, which enables the precise control of the genetic composition and gene expression of organism. This powerful technology can be used for environmental sustainability, food and nutritional security, medicinal advancement, and more. Genetic Engineering aims to provide a deep understanding of the many aspects of this emerging technology and its diverse applications.

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Apple Academic Press: Crop Science Collection

Crop science plays a pivotal role in addressing the pressing global challenges of food security, sustainability, and environmental conservation. It is the cornerstone of modern agriculture, contributing to increased crop yields, improved crop quality, and the development of resilient crop varieties. Visit our collection of recent and forthcoming titles from AAP on this pressing topic.

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