5 Reasons Why People Can't Get Out of a Crisis

Constance Dierickx explains key indicators to identify when difficult situations occur and how to navigate the crisis and come out on the other side. Dierckx is the author of High-Stakes Leadership

Constance Dierickx, PhD, specializes in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, CEO succession, strategic change and other organizational high-stakes transitions and the author of High-Stakes Leadership.

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Improve Through Personal Growth

Joy of Strategy by Allison Rimm

Your life is serious business, but who says you can't find joy along the way? As a person with unique gifts to offer, it is your responsibility to use your talents wisely and it is your right to enjoy yourself while doing so. In The Joy of Strategy, Allison Rimm provides a structured, step-by-step program to create a business plan for your life. Find out more about this title here.

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