Handbook of Thanatology

The Essential Body of Knowledge for the Study of Death, Dying, and Bereavement, 2nd Edition

Edited by David K. Meagher, David E. Balk

© 2013 – Routledge

558 pages

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pub: 2013-05-02

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About the Book

If ever there was an area requiring that the research-practice gap be bridged, surely it occurs where thanatologists engage with people dealing with human mortality and loss. The field of thanatology—the study of death and dying—is a complex, multidisciplinary area that encompases the range of human experiences, emotions, expectations, and realities. The Handbook of Thanatology is the most authoritative volume in the field, providing a single source of up-to-date scholarship, research, and practice implications. The handbook is the recommended resource for preparation for the prestigious certificate in thanatology (CT) and fellow in thanatology (FT) credentials, which are administered and granted by ADEC.

Table of Contents

Part I: Dying 1. Culture, Socialization, and Dying Charles A. Corr and Donna M. Corr 2. Religion, Spirituality, and Dying Marcia Lattanzi-Licht 3. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Dying Kenneth J. Doka 4. Life Span Issues and Dying Mary Alice Varga and Robin Paletti 5. The Family, Larger Systems, and Dying Stephen R. Connor 6. Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Dying andEnd-of-Life Care Madeline Jacobs Part II: End-of-Life Decision Making7. Culture, Socialization, and End-of-Life Decision Making Andrea C. Walker 8. Religion, Spirituality, and End-of-LifeDecision Making Richard B. Gilbert 9. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives onEnd-of-Life Decision Making James L. Werth, Jr. 10. Life Span Issues and End-of-LifeDecision Making Andrea C. Walker 11. The Family, Larger Systems, andEnd-of-Life Decision Making Blair Sumner Mynatt and Robyn L. Mowery 12. Ethical and Legal Issues in End-of-Life Decision Making Madeline Jacobs 13. End-of-Life Decision Making: An Irish Perspective Dolores M. Dooley Part III: Loss, Grief, and Mourning 14. Culture, Socialization, and Loss, Grief, and Mourning Paul C. Rosenblatt 15. Religion and Spirituality in Loss, Grief, and Mourning Dennis Klass 16. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives onLoss, Grief, and Mourning Charles A. Corr and Donna M. Corr 17. Life Span Issues and Loss, Grief, and Mourning: Childhood and Adolescence Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns 18. Life Span Issues and Loss, Grief, and Mourning:Adulthood David E. Balk 19. The Family, Larger Systems, andLoss, Grief, and Mourning Alicia Skinner Cook 20. Ethical and Legal Issues and Loss, Grief, and Mourning David K. Meagher Part IV Assessment and Intervention21. Culture and Socialization in Assessment and Intervention Ester R. Shapiro 22. Religion, Spirituality, and Assessment and Intervention Kenneth J. Doka 23. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Assessment and Intervention Robert A. Neimeyer and John R. Jordan 24. Life Span Issues and Assessment and Intervention David A. Crenshaw 25. Assessment and Intervention in the Family and Larger Systems Jennifer L. Matheson 26. Ethical and Legal Issues in Assessment and Intervention Jackson P. Rainer 27. On Bereavement Interventions: Controversies and Concerns Simon Shimshon Rubin, Ruth Malkinson, and Eliezer Wiztum Part V: Traumatic Death28. Culture, Socialization, and Traumatic Death Jeffrey Kauffman 29. Religion, Spirituality, and Traumatic Death Gerry R. Cox 30 Historical and Contemporary Perspectiveson Traumatic Death Lillian Range 31. Life Span Issues and Traumatic Death Karolina Krysinska and David Lester 32. The Family, Larger Systems, and Traumatic Death David A. Crenshaw 33. Ethical and Legal Issues in Traumatic Death David K. Meagher Part VI: Death Education 34. Culture, Socialization, and Death Education Lynne Ann DeSpelder and Albert Lee Strickland 35. Religion, Spirituality and Death Education Robert G. Stevenson 36. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Death Education Illene Noppe Cupit 37. Life Span Issues and Death Education Illene Noppe Cupit 38. The Family, Institutional/Societal Systems, andDeath Education Kathleen R. Gilbert and Colleen I. Murray 39. Ethical and Legal Issues in Death Education Carla J. Sofka Part VII: Three Overarching Indicators withinFundamental Knowledge of Thanatology40. Professional Issues and Thanatology Carol Wogrin 41. Resources and Research in Thanatology Melissa Bell, Gordon Thornton, and Mary Lou Zanich 42. Thanatology in the Digital Age Anne Smith and Corinne Cavuoti

About the Editors

David E. Balk, PhD, is professor of health and nutrition sciences and director of the graduate program in thanatology at Brooklyn College-CUNY.

David K. Meagher, EdD, CT, is professor emeritus and founder of the graduate program in thanatology at Brooklyn College-CUNY.

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